RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Maharg
? – 1846

Assistant Surgeon John Maharg

BA (Dubl 1824) MB (Dubl 1831)

? – 30 Mar 1846 [Dublin]

Service Record

9 Dec 1826 Hospital Assistant.

12 Feb 1827 Arrived from Gibraltar in the transport Hayden.

17 Mar 1827 Joined the medical staff at Malta.

21 Feb 1828 Assistant Surgeon 51st (2nd Yorkshire, West Riding, The King's Own Light Infantry) Regiment vice Thomas Bontein Sibbald deceased.

14 Mar 1828 Left on the transport Flora for Corfu as Assistant Surgeon 51st Foot.

5 Nov 1829 Assistant Surgeon 70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon John Robertson promoted to Surgeon Staff. The vacancy left in 51st Foot was filled by Assistant Surgeon Richard Elligott half-pay 65th Foot.

17 June 1836 Arrived from Gibraltar.

June–Oct 1837 Epidemic of cholera in Malta.

1837 Received the thanks of the PMO, Assistant Inspector of Hospitals Clarke John Frederick, for his exertions and services during the Cholera epidemic of 1837.

14 Jan 1838 Left for the West Indies.

1838–1840 Received the thanks of Dr James McGregor for his exertions and services in the West Indies during the epidemic of Yellow Fever, which caused much fatality in the 70th Foot, during the years 1838–40.

22 May 1840 Promoted Surgeon 70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon William Kemlo who died at Barbados on 10 Mar 1840. Consequently, Staff Assistant Surgeon James Walker Chambers became Assistant Surgeon 70th Foot vice Mahrag, and Gentleman Robert Carew Anderson was commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Chambers.

30 Mar 1846 Died in Dublin from inflammation of the lungs. The vacancy in 70th Foot, was filled by the promotion of Staff Assistant Surgeon Henry Pilleau. Subsequently, Gentleman Richard Woodley was commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Pilleau.