RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Hugh Mackay
? – 1858

Surgeon Hugh Mackay

BA (Dubl 1835)

? – 10 Apr 1858 [Nova Scotia]

Service Record

17 Feb 1837 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon George Northon Foaker, who was promoted Assistant Surgeon 43rd Foot, on the death of Assistant Surgeon William Hamilton at St John's New Brunswick on 24 December 1836.

29 May 1840 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 5th (Northumberland Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot, vice Assistant Surgeon Thomas Hall, promoted Surgeon 60th Foot, instead of Surgeon Peter Lamond, who died at Corfu on 21 Apr 1840. The vacancy on the Staff created by the move of Mackay was filled by Gentleman John Summers.

7 Aug 1846 Surgeon 2nd/42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot.

7 Aug–31 Oct 1846 Absent on leave by permission of the Commander-in-Chief.

15 Nov 1846 Arrived at Malta.

15 Mar 1847 Left for Bermuda.

5 Apr 1850 Staff Surgeon 2nd Class.