RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Joseph
1862 – 1946

Major Charles Joseph MacDonald

BA (RUI), MD (1885)

23 Mar 1862 – 11 May 1946

Service Record

28 July 1866 Surgeon Army Medical Staff.

28 July 1898 Major RAMC.

11 Oct 1899–31 May 1902 Anglo–Boer War

1899–1902 Served in South Africa.

9 Dec 1902 Arrived from South Africa.

Apr 1903 Left for Crete.
Arrived there on 1 March 1903, accompanying the 1st/Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Malaria was endemic in Crete at the time. In July quinine was issued to all troops at the rate of 10 grains daily to each man with subsequent reduction to 5 grains. This was not given as prophylaxis against infection but rather as treatment to those who had as yet shown no symptoms but were assumed to have become infected.

21 Oct 1904 Left for Cork from Crete.

28 July 1906 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1 Mar 1915 Colonel L/RAMC.