RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William Ligertwood
1835 – 1863

Assistant Surgeon William Ligertwood


8 Sep 1835 [Udny Aberdeenshire] – 10 Oct 1863 [Parkhurst Isle of Wight]

Service Record

20 Apr 1859 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

18 Apr 1860 Assistant Surgeon 22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment of Foot.

21 Apr 1860 Arrived from England.

12 Jan 1861 In his confidential report the PMO Malta reported that he was an "Inexperienced in the service, wants energy in other respects, may turn out a good officer".

10 May 1861 Returned to England where he was reduced to half-pay 22nd Foot.

22 Sep 1863 Restored to full-pay as Staff Assistant Surgeon vice James Dow Sainter appointed to 94th Foot.

10 Oct 1863 Died at Parkhurst Isle of Wight. The vacancy created by his death was filled on 17 November by Surgeon Henry Lamb 50th Foot.