RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Walter Leach
1829 – 1906

447 Surgeon Major Walter Leach MRCS (Eng 1853) LSAL (1854)

26 Oct 1829 [Martock] – 13 Oct 1906 [Martock Somersetshire]

Surgeon Major Walter Leach qualified MRCS in 1853 and entered the Army Medical Department as an Assistant Surgeon on 24 November 1854.

In 1858, he served with the 71st Highlanders during the campaigns in Central India under Sir John Michel. He was present at the Battles of Beora, Mongroulie, Sindwayu and the affair on Karrai, receiving the medal.

He published A case of double popliteal aneurysm treated by compression in the Report of the AMD Vol 5 (1863).

Service Record

24 Nov 1854 Appointed Acting Assistant Surgeon vice Acting Assistant Surgeon William Ferguson who was promoted Staff Assistant Surgeon.

29 June 1855 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Henry Sherlock appointed Assistant Surgeon 1st Dragoons.

1855–1856 Served in Turkey.

30 Sep 1856 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon Richard Cooper Todd 71st (Highland) Light Infantry.

Malta 3 Nov 1856 Arrived from England.

Malta 1857 On duty at Floriana with 71st Regiment.

Malta 3 Jan 1858 Left for the East Indies.

Served in the Indian Mutiny campaign. He was in medical charge of the Left Wing of the 71st Highlanders during the Central India campaign and was present at the Battles of Beora, Mongroulie and Sindwayu, and the affair of Karrai, receiving the medal.

8 Aug 1862 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Augustus Robinson Hall who moved to 52nd Foot.

1863–1864 On duty in Cork, Ireland.

5 Aug 1864 Assistant Surgeon Royal Artillery.

8 June 1867 Appointed Staff Surgeon.

1867–1868 On duty in China.

1869 On duty in Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland.

1870 On duty in Fermoy and Limerick, Ireland.

24 Dec 1870 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 86th (Royal County Down) Regiment of Foot. He served as their medical officer until his retirement in 1875.

24 Nov 1874 Appointed Surgeon–Major.

19 Nov 1875 Retired on to half-pay with the rank of Surgeon–Major.

13 Oct 1906 Died at Ivy Lodge Martock, Somertsetshire, aged 78 years.