RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Patrick Henry Lavens
? – 1842

Assistant Surgeon Patrick Henry Lavens

? – 16 Jan 1842 [Kirkee Bombay]

Service Record

28 June 1810 Hospital Mate for General Service.

24 Oct 1811 Assistant Surgeon 1st/28th (North Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot.

18 June 1815 Served at Waterloo with 1st/28th Foot. Part of the Fifth Division (Lt Gen Sir Thomas Picton), 8th Bde (Maj Gen Sir James Kempt). 8th Bde consisted of: 1st/28th Foot, 1st/32nd Foot, 1st/79th Foot, 1st/95th Foot.

1818 Arrived at Malta.

Mar 1818 Left for the Ionian Islands.

3 Aug 1826 Surgeon 51st Regiment of Foot.

15 Nov 1828 Surgeon 14th Light Dragoons vice Surgeon Thomas Forster who retired to half-pay 3rd Foot. Surgeon Robert Shekleton was recalled from half-pay 3rd Foot to fill the vacancy in the 51st Foot created by the appointment of Surgeon Lavens to 14th Light Dragoons. He had been on half-pay since 25 Feb 1816.

16 Jan 1842 Death of Surgeon Patrick Henry Lavens. On 29 March 1842, Assistant Surgeon James Wemyss Moffatt was promoted Surgeon vice Lavens. Moffat died at Colaba Bombay on 3 May 1843.