Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Langley William Leslie

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Surgeon William Leslie Langley MD (Glasg 1836) MRCS (Eng 1835)
16 Jan 1813 – 7 Oct 1882

Service Record — William Leslie Langley

11 Jan 1839 Assistant Surgeon Staff.

1840 Served in the West Indies.

26 Feb 1841 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 74th Regiment vice Assistant Surgeon Frederic Hillman Hornbrook who died at Barbados on 1 Dec 1840. On 26 Feb 1841, the vacancy on the Staff was filled by Gentleman Adolphus Collings MD.

30 May 1845 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon James Archibald Duncan McBean 46th Foot promoted Surgeon 73rd Foot vice Surgeon John Foster MD who retired upon half-pay.

23 Mar 1847 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the Second Class vice Staff Surgeon Samuel Currie appointed Surgeon 55th Foot. On duty in Glasgow.

1 Oct 1847 Surgeon 87th (The Royal Irish Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot.

30 Mar 1849 Exchanged with Surgeon Robert Wood 62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 28 Feb 1854 Arrived in Malta.

2 Nov 1854 Left Malta for Turkey and the Crimea. Present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol.

16 Feb 1855 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the 1st Class. Served in the Eastern Campaign of 1854̫55. Received the Crimea Medal and the Turkish Medal.

1 Oct 1856 Reduced to half-pay.

14 Apr 1858 Surgeon-Major restored to full-pay and attached to 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment. Posted to Templemore. He lamented that he was no longer young or equal to much fatigue.

1859 In his confidential report the PMO for the West Indies reported that he was A good specimen of a medical officer well informed, attentive and anxious to learn his duties.

Malta 15 Mar 1860 Arrived from England as PMO St George's Camp St Julians.

Malta 1861 On garrison duty.

Malta 1862 On garrison duty.

Malta 1863 On garrison duty.

Malta 1864 On garrison duty.

Malta 26 May 1865 Left Malta for Canterbury, England.

1866 On duty in Leeds.

8 June 1867 Promoted Deputy Inspector General. Served in Devonport.

22 Feb 1868 Retired to half-pay with the honorary rank of Inspector General, having completed 28 years on full pay.


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