RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Robert Laing
? – ?

Assistant Surgeon Robert Laing

? — ?

Service Record

12 Apr 1827 Hospital Assistant.

5 Nov 1829 Assistant Surgeon 73rd Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon James Hunton Cardiff promoted Staff Surgeon.

Malta 28 Aug 1830 Arrived from Gibraltar. Fell seriously ill during the epidemic of Yellow Fever which hit Gibraltar in Nov 1828. During this epidemic the medical department lost their PMO Inspector of Hospitals John Hennen and Assistant Surgeon John Gordon Fraser 73rd Foot. Hospital Assistants William Cruickshank and Robert Laing and Assistant Surgeon George Woods 94th Foot fell seriously ill but recovered.

1831 On duty with his regiment.

1832 On duty with his regiment.

1833 On duty with his regiment.

26 Sep 1834 Exchanged with Staff Assistant Surgeon George Martin.

17 Feb 1836 Resigned. The vacancy created on the Staff was filled by Gentleman James Cockburn who was commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon on 15 April 1836.