Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William Mawer James
1848 – 1928

1470 Lieutenant Colonel William Mawer James

LRCP (Ed 1873) LRCS (Ed 1873)

14 Aug 1848 [Jersey] – 31 Jan 1928 [Ottawa]

Lieutenant Colonel William Mawer James was was born in Jersey. In 1873, he took the Edinburgh double qualification. He won the gold medal in anatomy RCS Edinburgh.

Dr W M James entered the Army Medical Department as a surgeon on 30 September 1875. He retired on 3 February 1897. In retirement he was employed in medical charge of troops successively at Beverley in 1897, at Hythe from 1898 to 1908 and at Guildford in 1908–1909.

Service Record

30 Sep 1875 Gentleman William Mawer James was commissioned surgeon Army Medical Department.

Sep 1876 Posted to Bombay from Haslar.

1877 – 1878 On duty in Bombay.

Mar 1882 Returned to Portsmouth.

Sep 1885 While serving in Bombay, obtained six months leave of absence to England on urgent private affairs.

June 1887 Posted from sick leave in England to general duty in the Mhow Circle Bombay Command.

30 Sep 1887 Promoted Surgeon–Major.

On general duty in the Mhow Division, Bombay command. Appointed to the medical charge of the station hospital at Indore, vice Surgeon Arthur Harding, who reverted to general duty, Mhow Division.

Apr 1890 Tour of duty in Bombay expired. Surgeon John Chislett Culling who was serving in the Bombay Command was transferred from general duty in the Mhow district to the medical charge of the station hospital at Indore vice Surgeon-Major W M James.

July 1890 Moved from Bombay to Portsmouth.

Nov 1890 Moved from Portsmouth to Gosport.

Aug 1891 Moved from Gosport to Portland.

Apr 1892 Moved from Portland to Gosport.

May 1892 Moved from Gosport to Dover.

Oct 1892 Moved from Dover to to the King's Dragoon Guards Windsor.

1 Dec 1892 Arrived from England by exchange.

1893 On garrison duty.

22 Sep 1894 Returned to England.

30 Sep 1895 Promoted Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel having completed twenty years full-pay service.

Dec 1895 Moved from Shorncliffe to Canterbury.

3 Feb 1897 Retired on retired pay.

July 1897 Succeeded Brigade Surgeon John Hoysted, retired pay, in charge of troops at Beverley.

June 1898 Succeeded Deputy Surgeon General Henry Joseph Rose, retired pay, who relinquished the medical charge of the School of Musketry at Hythe.

June 1901 – Nov 1908 Brought back on the establishment from the Army Medical Reserve and placed in medical charge of troops at the School of Musketry, Hythe. In Sep 1908, Capt Ernest Brodribb was appointed surgeon at the School of Musketry Hythe vice Lt Col W M James, retired pay.

Nov 1908 – Aug 1909 Placed in medical charge of troops at Guildford. In Aug 1909, Lt Col Arthur De Courcy Scanlan, retired pay, assumed medical charge of troops at Guildford.

31 Jan 1928 Died at Ottawa aged 79 years.