Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Thomas Norton
1834 – 1903

538 Surgeon General Thomas Norton Hoysted LRCSI (1855)

11 Jan 1834 [Co Kildare] – 12 Aug 1903 [Sidcup Kent]

Thomas N Hoysted
Brigade Surgeon Thomas Norton Hoysted (RAMC/273).

Surgeon–General Thomas Norton Hoysted served in the China War of 1857. In December 1857, he was with the 59th Regiment at the operations before and during the capture of Canton (medal with clasp).

In 1858, he served in the Indian Mutiny with the 54th Regiment in the last advance into Oudh under Lord Clyde, including the capture of Fort Ameetie (medal).

Surgeon–General Thomas Norton Hoysted served in the Afghan War of 1878–1879 and was present at the assault and capture of the Peiwar Kotal (medal with clasp).1

Service Record

28 Sep 1855 Staff Assistant Surgeon. Commission antedated from 10 March 1857.

8 Nov 1855 Arrived from England.

1856 At Malta.

1856 Left for Turkey.

13 Sep 1856 Reduced but re-appointed on 10 March 1857. In 1856, there was a reduction of the Army Medical establishment when several junior medical officers commissioned in 1855 remained unemployed for some months. On their re-appointment, however, their commissions were antedated to the original state.

28 – 29 Dec 1857 Served with 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment at the operations before and capture of Canton (Second China War).

1858 Served with 54th, (West Norfolk), Regiment in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny at the last advance into Oudh under Lord Clyde, including the capture of Fort Ameetie.

24 Aug 1858 Assistant Surgeon 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot.

16 Feb 1864 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1864 – 1865 On duty in Fermoy Ireland.

1866 On duty in Curragh.

1867 – 1869 On duty in Ceylon.

4 Feb 1871 Promoted Staff Surgeon from Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Surgeon William Henry Price appointed surgeon 46th Foot.

1870 – 1871 At Netley.

18 Nov 1871 Exchanged with Surgeon Henry Alexander Gogarty 52nd Regiment.

22 Jan 1872 Arrived in Malta.

7 July 1872 Left on a sick certificate.

1 Jan 1873 From the 52nd Foot exchanged with Staff Surgeon William Robert Burkitt.
On duty at Sheffield, Tralee Co. Kerry (70 Bde Depot) and Dublin.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon–Major.

1874 – 1879 On duty in Bengal.

1878 – 1879 Served in the Afghan War; was present at the capture of Peiwar Katal.

1879 – 1881 On duty in Woolwich.

Sep 1881 Posted to Bengal.

23 Oct 1881 Promoted Brigade–Surgeon.

June 1885 Brigade-Surgeon Hoysted was appointed to the officiating administrative charge of the Rawalpindi Division, during the absence of Deputy Surgeon–General Johnston Ferguson.

3 Apr 1886 Promoted Deputy Surgeon–Colonel, on the death of Deputy Surgeon–General William Skeen MD.

7 Aug 1886 Transferred to the Home Establishment from the Administrative Medical Staff of the Bengal Army. Was replaced by temporary Deputy Surgeon–General, Henry Foljambe Paterson.

21 Aug 1886 Brigade Surgeon Hoysted serving in Bengal, was appointed to the officiating Administrative Medical Charge of the Allahabad Division, vice Deputy Surgeon–General Randolph Webb, granted leave to return to England from 13 April.

Sep 1886 On duty at Dublin.

22 Mar 1887 Arrived in Bengal from Dublin.

Service in India was not popular among the junior medical Staff. In July 1890, M.S. warned young officers of the Medical Staff to avoid service in India stating that: They will find themselves most inadequately paid, and have double or treble the work at home or in the Colonies, with heat and discomfort to make life at times intolerable. Then, they will find themselves junior to their Indian contemporaries whose commissions are ante-dated. The duties for which in former days three officers were provided are now thrown upon one.3

May 1887 Deputy Surgeon–General Hoysted was brought on the administrative medical staff of the Bengal Army on the death of Deputy Surgeon–General Richard Wolseley at Meerut on 22 December 1886.

June 1890 Transferred to the Sirhind District Bengal as Administrative Medical Officer.

Nov 1890 Change of station from Peshawar to Umballa.

Dec 1891 Surgeon Colonel Hoysted, Administrative Medical Officer Sirhind District Bengal, succeeded Sir James Hanbury as Principal Medical Officer of the forces in the Madras Presidency.

13 Jan 1892 Appointed Principal Medical Officer H M Forces in Madras.

6 Feb 1892 Surgeon Colonel Hoysted who had been serving in the Bengal Command since 22 March 1887 was directed to proceed to the Madras Presidency to assume in anticipation of promotion the administrative medical charge of that command vice Surgeon Major General Sir James Arthur Hanbury who retired on 13 January 1892.2

28 Mar 1892 Promoted Surgeon-Major-General on the retirement of Surgeon Major General James Sinclair.

11 Jan 1894 Placed on the retired pay, having served 25 years' full-pay service. He was succeeded by Surgeon Colonel James Davis who became Surgeon Major General. Surgeon Major General Hoysted proceeded to England on vacating his appointment as Principal Medical Officer of the Madras Army.

12 Aug 1903 Died at Willow Grange, Sidcup Kent.