Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Hinton
1830 – 1910

645 Assistant Surgeon James Hinton

MRCS (Eng 1854) LSAL (1854)

1 Mar 1830 [Bristol] – 6 May 1910

Service Record

30 Dec 1854–5 June 1856 Served in the Militia.

10 Mar 1858 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon.

14 May 1858 Assistant Surgeon 2nd/15th (York, East Riding) Regiment of Foot.

18 Jan 1859 Arrived from England.

14 Feb 1860 To England on leave.

6 Sept 1860 Returned from leave.

12 Jan 1861 In his confidential report PMO Malta reported that he was: A good officer, zealous, but requires experience in the service.

24 May 1861 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Caleb Shera Wills placed upon half-pay.

1862 On duty with his regiment.

2 July 1863 Returned to England.

1863–1865 On duty at the Cavalry Depôt Canterbury.

20 June 1865 Assistant Surgeon 10th Hussars.

8 Aug 1865 Exchanged with Staff Assistant Surgeon John Thomas Milburn who moved to the 10th Hussars.

1865 On duty at Colchester.

1866 On duty at Walmer.

25 Sept 1866 Reduced to half-pay.

10 June 1871 Restored to full-pay vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Robert Nasmyth McPherson who was appointed to the Royal Artillery.

1871–1872 On duty at Plymouth.

1872–1873 On duty at Devonport.

1 Apr 1873 Promoted Surgeon Major.

8 May 1873 Arrived from England as Assistant Surgeon 12th Bde Royal Artillery.

1874 Observed that Enteric Fever, Simple Continued Fever, and Diphtheria had become endemic diseases in the island. He attributed this to poverty, overcrowding, and the insanitary conditions of the population. The system of cess pits, defective drainage and the extreme porosity and absorbent nature of the stone readily allowed percolation of all kinds of deleterious matter into the surrounding structures. In barracks, glazed earthenware pipes were introduced to convey away the contents of privies and urinals but most of the private houses were not provided with an efficient drainage system and cess pits existed, which frequently overflowed.

1875 On garrison duty.

24 Mar 1876 Left for England.

14 Oct 1876 Returned to Malta.

1877 On garrison duty.

May 1878 Moved from the Royal Artillery to the Medical Staff at Malta.

28 Oct 1878 Moved from Malta to Clifton.

1878–1881 On duty at Clifton.

20 May 1882 Retired with the honorary rank of Brigade Surgeon having completed 19 years' service on full pay.