Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Hamilton
1836 – 1924

879 Brigade Surgeon Charles Hamilton Harvey

MD (St And 1862) MRCS (Eng 1857) LSA (1861)

23 Sep 1836 [Islington] – 4 Nov 1924

Brigade Surgeon Charles Hamilton Harvey entered the Army Medical Department on 1 March 1861. He served in the Afghan War in 1880, and took part in the defence of Kandahar against Ayub Khan. He was also engaged in the Egyptian war in 1882. He was Principal Medical Officer during the Nile Expedition of 1884–85, with the River Column, and was at the action at Kirbekan.

For these services he was mentioned in despatches, was made Brigade Surgeon and received the Egyptian war medal with clasps for the Nile and Kirbekan, and the Khedive's Bronze Star.

Service Record

Fort Chambray in Gozo became a hospital during the Egyptian Campaign of 1882.

9 Apr 1861 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1861–1866 Served in Gambia.

1867 On duty in the Gold Coast.

1868 Moved to Winchester.

7 Nov 1868 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon James Parr 3rd Hussars.

Apr 1873 Moved from 3 Hussars to the Medical Staff Bombay.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon.

1874 Served in Bombay.

June 1874 Moved from Bombay to Aldershot.

15 Apr 1875 Promoted Surgeon Major.

1875 Moved to Portsmouth. On duty in Portsmouth until 1877.

1877 Moved from Portsmouth to Haslar.

Jan 1878 Moved to Bombay.

29 Apr 1878 Arrived from Bombay (Malta Field Force).

3 Oct 1878 Returned to Bombay. Served on the Indian establishment up to 8 November 1882.

1878–1880 Served in the Second Afghan War. Was with Lt Gen Primrose's Force during the siege of Kandahar by Ayub Khan. Was mentioned in dispatches (London Gazette 3 December 1880) and received the Afghanistan 1878–1880 medal with clasp Kandahar.

Sep 1882 Served in Egypt with the Indian Contingent. Ordered home to England at instead of returning to India on the close of the campaign, having completed his tour of foreign service.

During the Egyptian Expedition, the regiments on their way out from England left any men who were unlikely to be fit for field service at Malta. These cases were principally venereal. The base hospital at Ismailia evacuated severe casualties to England and the minor casualties to Gozo and Cyprus. On 6 September 1882, about 400 men were invalided to Malta and England, most of them not seriously ill, but not likely to be fit for duty for some time. The great majority were sent away to clear the base hospital.

Dec 1882 Moved to Woolwich.

1884 Served in the Sudan. Was Principal Medical Officer with the River Column, and at the action at Kirbekan (10 February 1885).

Aug 1885 Mentioned in the despatches from Lord Wolseley and Sir Gerald Graham on the operations on the Nile and Suakin. Was promoted Brigade Surgeon in the honours for the Sudan Campaign (15 June 1885).

24 Feb 1886 Granted retired pay with the honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon General.

15 May 1893 Member of a deputation of the Parliamentary Bills Committee of the British Medical Association which waited upon the Secretary of State for India, at the India Office, to suggest amendments in the conditions of service of the Army Medical Department at home and abroad.