Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
George Carson Gribbon
1836 – 1894

783 Brigade Surgeon George Carson Gribbon

MB (Dubl 1859) LRCSI (1859)

10 Sep 1836 [Coleraine Co. Londonderry] – 12 June 1894 [Bournemouth]

G C Gribbon
Surgeon Major George Carson Gribbon (RAMC/273).

Brigade Surgeon George Carson Gribbon took the degree of Bachelor of Medicine of the University of Dublin and the Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland in 1859. He was a man of high education and many accomplishments. He entered the Army Medical Department on 20 April 1859. He served in the Afghan War of 1878–1879 and the Suakin Expedition of 1885, when he was in medical charge of the Hospital Ship Ganges. He was mentioned in despatches and received the medal with clasp and the Egyptian Bronze Star. He retired from the service on 8 May 1889 when he served on the recruiting staff of the Home District until his demise.

Brigade Surgeon George Carson Gribbon died at Bournemouth on 12 June 1894 in his 58th year, after a prolonged illness. He had suffered from influenza in January 1894, complicated with double pneumonia, and had several relapses, the last proving fatal. In the third month of his illness, he also developed a thrombosis of the left femoral vein.

Brigade Surgeon George Carson Gribbon left a widow and a large family. He had been widely known and respected in the service, alike for his honourable and kindly nature as for his courtly and manly bearing. His daughter Rosamund married Major Ernest Kenneth Campbell RAMC (1861–1943), consulting surgeon to the Western Ophthalmic Hospital, Marylebone Road London.

Service Record

20 Apr 1859 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon.

Malta 21 Apr 1860 Arrived at Malta from England.

Malta 12 Jan 1861 PMO Malta reported that he was a Most attentive and zealous, has in every respect conducted his duties most satisfactorily.

Malta 1862 On garrison duty.

Malta 10 Feb 1863 To England on private leave.

13 May 1863 Returned to Malta.

Malta 16 Feb 1864 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 25th (The King's Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon James Clerk Rattray who resigned his commission.

7 June 1864 Left for Canada.

5 Oct 1871 Quartered at Fort Rowner Gosport. Attended on Mr Jethro Chandler, aged 55 years, who was accidentally killed in a railway accident at Brockhurst.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon.

Apr 1873 Moved from 25th Foot to the Medical Staff at Curragh.

Nov 1873 Medical officer 1st/25th Foot.

19 Apr 1874 Promoted Surgeon-Major vice Surgeon Major David Woods who retired upon temporary half-pay.

1878 Moved from the 25th Foot to the Medical Staff Bengal.

1878–1881 On duty in Bengal.

1878–1879 Served in the Afghan War.

Nov 1880 Serving in Allahabad. Was one of the signatories of 120 medical gentlemen of the British Medical Association who petitioned the Home Secretary Sir William Harcourt in favour of cremation over burial of the dead.

May 1881 Moved from Bengal to Portsmouth.

Sep 1881 Moved to Gosport.

Aug 1882 Moved to Portsmouth.

25 May 1885 Promoted Brigade Surgeon vice Brigade Surgeon William who retired upon temporary half-pay.

Feb–June 1885 Served on the expedition to Suakin, in the Sudan. Mentioned in despatches. Was Senior Medical Officer of the Hospital Ship Ganges with four nursing sisters. Casualties were transferred to the Ganges from the base-hospital at H Redoubt. The base hospital was under the medical charge of Brigade Surgeon William Tanner. The tents were pitched within an earthwork, which was defended by 200 men of the King's Shropshire Light Infantry. The hospital ship Ganges arrived in the Sudan on 15 March and by the 24th March had admitted 103 patients including Staff Surgeon Buckle RN with remittent fever.

Aug 1885 Moved from Suakin to Egypt.

Oct 1885 Returned to England from the Sudan.

Dec 1885 Moved from Aldershot to London.

8 May 1889 Retired with the rank of Brigade Surgeon. In 1891, the Lord Camperdown's Committee recommended the substitution of the title Brigade Surgeon with that of Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel. Surgeon Major William Ffolliott FRCSI was promoted Brigade Surgeon, ranking as Lieutenant Colonel, on the retirement of G C Gribbon.

12 June 1894 Died in Bournemouth after a prolonged illness, aged 57 years.