Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Grant
1771 – 1860

Assistant Surgeon John Grant

25 Nov 1771 [Inverness shire] – 8 Apr 1860 [Forres Scotland]

Service Record

7 Jan 1791 Founder/Librarian of Aberdeen Medico–Chirurgical Society.

Feb 1793 Regimental Mate 1st Fencible Infantry Strathspey Regiment.

Jan 1794 Regimental Mate 97th (Strathspey Highlanders) Regiment.

31 Jan 1795 Surgeon 1st Fencible Infantry (Strathspey Regiment). John's father was a land-agent on the Duke of Gordon's estates in Strathspey.

20 July 1799 Hospital Mate.

16 Aug 1799 Assistant Surgeon 49th (Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot.

11 Apr 1800 Recommissioned Assistant Surgeon 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot, having been removed from the service on 11 Jan 1800.

Malta 8 June 1801 Arrived from Gibraltar.

Malta 1802 Assistant Surgeon 63rd Foot.

Malta 15 June 1803 Left Malta.

15 Oct 1803 Surgeon 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot, vice Kidd Thomas who was absent due to ill health.

15 Oct 1807 Surgeon Recruiting District.

Dec 1814 Reduced to half-pay by exchange.

3 Aug 1815 Surgeon Staff. Recalled from half-pay to serve in the Waterloo Campaign.

25 June 1816 Reduced to half-pay. Settled in Forres where he became a leading figure in the local community, serving as dean of guild in 1824 and provost in 1830 and founding the medical hall and library.1

One of the founders of the Aberdeen Medico Chirurgical Society.