Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Henry Grange
1833 – ?

Assistant Surgeon Henry Grange

1 May 1833 [Portarlington Queen's County] – ?

Service Record

1 Sep 1854 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

29 Dec 1854 Promoted Assistant Surgeon 47th (Lancashire) Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon George Saunders appointed to Staff.

27 May 1856 Arrived from Turkey and the Crimea.
Was present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol.

9 Sep 1856 Marriage in the Collegiate Church of St Paul Valletta, by the Rev Henry Hare, Chaplain to the Forces of bachelor Henry Grange, 23 years, son of John and Mary Grange and Leila Temple Sadeick, a spinster, aged 17 years, born at Sheerness, daughter of Rajel Sadeick Effendi and Mary Anne Temple.

24 May 1857 Left for Gibraltar.

1857 Served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny campaign.

24 Sep 1857 Birth of a daughter Leila Marie Elizabeth Temple Grange.

17 Apr 1862 Dismissed the service by the sentence of a General Court Martial. The vacancy in 47th was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon James Jameson.