Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Duncan Alexander
Campbell Fraser
1831 – 1912

No 321 Assistant Surgeon Duncan Alexander Campbell Fraser

LRCS (Ed 1853) MD (Ed 1853)

27 Dec 1831 [Argyllshire] – 28 Aug 1912 [Cheltenham]

Deputy Surgeon General Duncan Alexander Campbell Fraser was the son of the Reverend H. Fraser of Ardchattan, Argyllshire. He qualified as MD Edinburgh in 1853, in which year he joined the Army Medical Service as Assistant Surgeon.

He took part in the Ashanti Campaign of 1873 – 1874, receiving the Ashanti Medal. He acted as a Commissioner of the Red Cross Society during the Russo–Turkish war of 1877, receiving the Star of Romania for his services.

Service Record

28 Oct 1853 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1854 Served in Canada.

30 June 1854 Assistant Surgeon 76th Regiment of Foot, vice Thomas O'Kearney Gordon appointed to Staff.

1863 – 1864 Served in Bombay.

5 May 1863 Staff Surgeon promoted from 76th Foot.

28 June 1864 Surgeon 103rd Royal Bombay Fusiliers. Medical officer 103rd Foot until Nov 1873 when he was posted to the Gold Coast.

28 Oct 1873 Promoted Surgeon–Major.

1873 – 1874 Served in the Ashanti Expedition. Highly praised by Director General Sir William Alexander Mackinnon for his services on the Gold Coast.

May 1874 Rejoined 103rd Regiment at Newport.

1874 To Staff, London from 103rd Regiment.

1874 – 1879 Recruiting Depot London.

27 Nov 1879 Brigade–Surgeon.

1880 Moved from London to Gibraltar and then on to Bombay (Mhow).

21 May 1881 In Verona. Promoted Deputy Surgeon–General.

Apr 1886 On duty in the Bombay Presidency, but was directed to return to England (tour expired). He was relieved by Deputy Surgeon–General George Langford Hinde, appointed Administrative Medical Officer, Poona Circle.

21 June 1887 Serving at Netley.
Promoted Surgeon–General, vice John Hendley, retired. The vacancy of Deputy Surgeon–General created by his promotion was filled by Brigade–Surgeon Robert Walter Clifton.

1887 Commissioner of the Red Cross in the Russo-Turkish War.

Malta 19 Oct 1888 Arrived from Netley, England.

Malta 12 Aug 1889 To England on leave.

Malta 31 Oct 1889 Returned from leave.

Malta 15 Aug 1890 To England on leave.

Malta 2 Oct 1890 Returned from leave.

Malta 20 Aug 1891 To England on leave.

Malta 20 Oct 1891 Returned from leave.

Malta 27 Dec 1891 Retired at Malta on reaching the age of 60 years.

28 Aug 1912 Died at Cheltenham aged 80 years.