Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Foster
1794 – 1868

Surgeon John Foster MD (Glas 1826)

1794 – 4 May 1868

Service Record

22 Nov 1813 Hospital Assistant.

1814 Served in Holland.

9 Nov 1815 Assistant Surgeon 3rd/27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot.

6 June 1816 Assistant Surgeon Staff Corps of Cavalry.

5 Feb 1818 Assistant Surgeon 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards (by exchange).

18 Mar 1836 Promoted Surgeon 71st Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon John Winterscale appointed to 12th Light Dragoons vice Surgeon Michael William Kenny appointed to Staff. The promotion of Assistant Surgeon Foster to 71st Foot was cancelled.

1 Apr 1836 Promoted Surgeon 70th Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon James Moffitt appointed to 12th Light Dragoons vice Surgeon John Winterscale 71st Foot whose appointment to 12th Light Dragoons did not take place. The vacancy in 5th Dragoon Guards was filled by Assistant Surgeon Charles Hay Carnegy 68th Regiment. Surgeon Winterscale moved to 2nd Dragoons on 28 June 1836 vice Surgeon Charles Annesley who retired upon half-pay.

Malta Sep 1836 Arrived in Malta.

9 June-11 Oct 1837 Cholera epidemic in Malta.

Malta 1837 Received the thanks of the Director General, through the PMO, for his work during the cholera of autumn 1837.

3 Nov 1837 Promoted Surgeon 73rd Regiment of Foot, on the death of Surgeon George Martin at Corfu on 23 Sept 1837. The vacancy in 70th Foot was occupied by the promotion of Assistant Surgeon William Kemlo 59th Foot.

30 May 1845 Retired to half-pay.