Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Frederic Foaker
1812 – 1896

Surgeon Frederic Foaker

22 Aug 1812 – 12 Nov 1896 [Putney]

Service Record

19 Oct 1838 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1843 Listed as an Assistant Surgeon based in Corfu.

1845 Listed as an Assistant Surgeon based in Corfu.

23 Mar 1847 Promoted Surgeon 97th (The Earl of Ulster's) Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon James Napper Irwin who died at Malta on 21 February 1847, from a haematemesis. The vacancy on the Staff left by Foaker was filled by Assistant Surgeon Henry Cooper Reade 71st Foot. Gentleman Michael Allen Jane was in his turn commissioned Assistant Surgeon 71st Foot vice Reade.

Malta 28 Apr 1847 Arrived from the Ionian Islands and took charge of the regiment.

5 Nov 1847 Surgeon 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 21 Jan 1848 Left for Jamaica.

24 Apr 1855 Staff Surgeon 1st Class.
Served in the Crimean War as surgeon 38th Foot. He was present at the Battles of Alma, Inkerman, the siege and fall of Sebastopol and the Expedition to Kinbourn.

30 Aug 1856 Relegated to half-pay.

12 Apr 1858 Restored to full-pay as Staff Surgeon 1st Class and attached to 15th Foot.

Malta 25 Nov 1858 Arrived at Malta.

Malta 1859 On garrison duty.

Malta 10 Jan 1860 Left for England on a medical certificate.

30 May 1860 Retired.