Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Arthur Guy
1832 – 1911

No 299 Assistant Surgeon Arthur Guy Elkington

LRCSI (1852)

5 Nov 1832 [Dursley Gloucestershire] – 31 May 1911 [Farnborough]

Brigade Surgeon Arthur Guy Elkington was the son of Staff Surgeon James Goodall Elkington 17th Lancers. He was appointed assistant surgeon Scots Fusilier Guards in 1853, but in 1866 he was transferred to the Grenadier Guards, and served with that regiment till his retirement from the service in 1887.

He served in the Eastern Campaign of 1854 – 1855 and was present at the Battles of Balaclava and Inkerman where he was wounded. He was also at the siege and fall of Sebastopol and at the sortie on the 26 October. He was mentioned in despatches and received a medal with three clasps, the Turkish Medal and the Order of the Medjidie 5th Class.

Service Record

11 Mar 1853 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon John Harry Ker Innes who was promoted Surgeon 56th Foot.

1853 On duty in Dublin.

17 Feb 1854 Appointed Assistant Surgeon Scots Fusilier Guards vice Assistant Surgeon John Ashton Bostock who was promoted surgeon Scots Fusilier Guards.

Malta 19 Mar 1854 Arrived from England. On duty at the Lazaretto.

21 Apr 1854 Left for Turkey. Served in the Crimean Campaign (1854-55). Present at the Battles of Inkerman (wounded), Balaklava and the siege and fall of Sebastopol. He was mentioned in despatches.

5 Oct 1863 Birth of a second son, Henry Percival George Elkington.

30 Oct 1866 Appointed Staff Surgeon and Battalion Surgeon Grenadier Guards.

4 Jan 1871 Promoted Surgeon Major 1st/Grenadier Guards vice James John Marjoribanks Wardrop, who retired upon half-pay.

2 Feb 1881 Brigade Surgeon Brigade of Foot Guards.

5 Nov 1887 Retired with the honorary rank of Deputy-Surgeon General.

20 Dec 1905 At St Mary Abbotts Kensington, by the Rev. C. H. Nicholson MA, assisted by the Rev. Hardwicke Elkington, vicar of Elsfield, Oxford, married Rachael Ethel Gordon, younger daughter of the late James Melias Stuart of Eriska and Mrs Stuart of 2 Lansdown Crescent, Bath.

9 Mar 1906 At No 12 Lansdown Crescent Bath, death of his only sister, Louisa Eliza Butler Waterman, widow of General Edmund Frederick Waterman Madras Staff Corps, aged 81 years.

31 May 1911 Deputy-Surgeon General Arthur Guy Elkington died at Farnborough Park, Hampshire in his 79th year.