Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Richard Francis
Valpy De Lisle
1818 – 1894

No 78 Surgeon Richard Francis Valpy De Lisle

MRCS (Eng 1840)

7 Apr 1818 – 1 May 1894 [Guernsey]

Surgeon Richard Francis Valpy De Lisle served with the 4th Regiment throughout the Eastern Campaign of 1854–53. He was awarded the Crimea Medal with clasps and the Turkish Medal. He had five sons, one of whom was Sir Henry de Beauvir born on 27 July 1864 on Guernsey.

He published an article Ligature of the right iliac artery in the AMD report Vol ii dated 1860. Deputy Inspector General De Lisle died in Guernsey aged 70 years.

Service Record

R F Valpy De Lisle
Surgeon Richard Francis Valpy De Lisle RA
(Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos - courtesy AMS archives)

27 Aug 1841 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

24 Sep 1841 Assistant Surgeon 96th Regiment of Foot.

14 Nov 1851 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 1st Light Dragoons, vice Assistant Surgeon John Grogan promoted Surgeon 26th Foot.

5 Nov 1852 Promoted surgeon 4th (The King's Own) Regiment vice Surgeon Thomas Galbraith Logan, promoted on the Staff. The vacancy in 1st Regiment of Dragoons was filled by Acting Assistant Surgeon William John Alexander Orr.

Malta 25 Mar 1854 Arrived from Scotland.

21 Apr 1854 Left for Turkey on board theEmue. Was present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol.
Received the Legion of Honour from the Emperor of the French for his services in the war against Russia.

Malta 1856 On garrison duty.

15 May 1857 Exchanged to Staff with Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class John Gorringe who moved to 4th Foot.

May 1857 Relegated to half pay.

28 Aug 1857 Recalled from half pay.

23 Oct 1857 Surgeon 2nd/4th (The King's Own) Regiment.

11 Mar 1859 Surgeon Royal Artillery.

10 Dec 1861 Promoted Surgeon-Major Royal Artillery, on completion of twenty years' full-pay service, in accordance with the Royal Warrant of 1 Oct 1858.

8 May 1862 Died at Rathmines Dublin, Ellen Maud, youngest child of Richard Francis Valpy De Lisle aged 17 months.

17 July 1866 Staff Surgeon Major.

8 June 1867 Retired with the Honorary rank of Deputy Inspector General.