Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Dawson
? – ?

Assistant Surgeon Charles Dawson MD (Aberd 1845)

? — ?

Service Record

11 Jan 1839 Assistant Surgeon Staff.

9 Oct 1840 Assistant Surgeon 42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot.

Malta 17 Mar 1843 Arrived from the Ionian Islands.

13 June–23 July 1843 On leave to Sicily.

Malta 1 Feb 1844 Assistant Surgeon 42nd Foot.
Attached to The Reserve Bn 42nd Foot.

Malta 15 May 1845 Left Malta for England on private affairs.

28 Nov 1845 Returned to Malta.

9 Oct 1846 Surgeon 54th (West Norfolk) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 21 Nov 1846 Left for Gibraltar.

24 Dec 1846 Returned from Gibraltar.

Malta May 1847 Involved in a joint consultation with Staff Surgeon 1st Class James Barry and staff surgeon 2nd Class William Edward Burton, when the Governor and Garrison Commander Sir Patrick Stuart went down with dysentery.

Malta 26 Dec 1847 Left Malta for the West Indies. Died in Antigua.