Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Crerar
1823 – 1885

No 195 Surgeon Major James Crerar

LRCS (Ed 1843) LKQCP (Ire 1863)

15 Sep 1823 [Picton Nova Scotia] – 21 Apr 1885 [Royal Military Asylum Chelsea]

Surgeon Major James Crerar served at Malta from 1872 and 1877. He retired in 1878. Among his publications were Letters on the study of cholera and Treatment of hepatic abscess by puncture. Lancet 1863; 2: 172-260.

Surgeon Major James Crerar retired with the honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon-General. He became medical officer at the School of Musketry. He held this appointment until 1880, when he was appointed medical officer to the Royal Military Asylum Chelsea.

Service Record

3 Sep 1847 Gazetted Assistant Surgeon 76th Regiment of Foot.

Malta 4 Apr 1851 Arrived from Corfu.

27 Dec 1851 Left for England.

23 Jan 1852 Assistant Surgeon 1st/60th (The King's Royal Rifle Corps).

8 Jan-19 Feb 1852 On leave.

6 Apr 1855 Promoted Staff Surgeon 2nd Class from 60th Foot.

Malta 4 June 1855 Arrived from England. Was attached to 1st Light Provincial Battalion. Embarked for Turkey.

1 Oct 1856 Relegated to half-pay.

15 May 1857 Recalled from half pay and appointed Surgeon 50th (The Queen's Own) Regiment of Foot.

24 May 1859 Appointed Staff Surgeon vice Staff Surgeon Usher Williamson Evans who became Surgeon 15th Foot. The subsequent vacancy in 50th Foot was filled by Staff Surgeon James Fraser.

1859 Served in London.

7 Oct 1859 Surgeon 4th/60th (The King's Royal Rifle Corps).

18 Sep 1863 Exchanged to Staff with Staff Surgeon Richard Cooper Todd.

1863 – 1864 Served at Parkhurst.

28 June 1864 Surgeon 106th (Bombay Light Infantry) Regiment.

11 Apr 1868 Promoted Staff Surgeon from 106th Foot vice Staff Surgeon Major Hugh Crawford Walshe MD who died at Glasgow on 18 March 1868. The vacancy in the 106th Foot was filled by the promotion of Staff Surgeon William Ferguson.

16 Sep 1868 Relegated to half-pay.

16 July 1870 Recalled from half pay as Staff Surgeon.

1870 – 1871 Served in Inverness.

1872 Served in Inverness and Gosport.

Malta 8 Dec 1872 Arrived from England.

Malta 1873 Surgeon Major.

Malta 14 Mar 1874 To England on leave.

Malta 5 July 1874 Returned from leave.

Malta July 1875 Surgeon-Major.
Head of the medical department, during the absence on leave of Surgeon-General John Harry Ker Innes.

Malta 2 July 1876 To England on leave.

Malta 25 Nov 1876 Returned from leave.

Malta 2 June 1877 Left for England.

23 Jan 1878 Retired with the honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon-General.