Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Jonathan Cotgrave
? – ?

Surgeon Jonathan Cotgrave MD (Aberd 1819)

6 May 1768 – 26 Dec 1844 [Henley]

Service Record

7 Feb 1792 Regimental Mate 51st (2nd Yorkshire, West Riding) Regiment of Foot.
Served at Gibraltar.

8 Apr 1794 Hospital Mate. Served at Flanders.

6 May 1795 Surgeon 2nd/69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot.

1 Mar 1798 Relegated to half-pay of the 2nd/69th Foot.

10 Oct 1798 Exchanged with Surgeon Edward Bishop 1st/35th (Dorsetshire) Regiment who moved to the half-pay 69th Foot.

Malta July 1800 Arrived at Malta.
HMS Stately, and HMS Niger arrived from Minorca and disembarked 1st/35th Foot at St Paul's Bay.

Malta 1801 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 1802 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 1803 On duty with his regiment.

31 Dec 1803 Received his first payment of £90 7s 6d in prize money from the proceeds of the property captured in Malta on 4 Sep 1800. This was equivalent to that paid out to a captain in the infantry.

Malta 1804 On duty with his regiment.

1 Aug 1804 Received his second payment of £33 2s 6d in prize money from the proceeds of the property captured on the island of Malta on 4 Sep 1800.

Malta 1805 Left on General Craig's Expedition to Naples.

1806 Had to repay the sum of £2 17s 2d which had been issued to him by the Agents of Army Hospitals while acting as surgeon to the Flank Battalion 35th Foot from 12 July to 17 Oct 1798. He had been paid wrongly at the rate of 10s a day, instead of 9s 5d a day, to which he was entitled.

15 Oct 1807 Staff Surgeon.

6 July 1810 Received his third payment £3 2s 2d in prize money from the proceeds of the property captured in Malta on 4 September 1800.

On promotions in the Army Medical Services: With respect to the two vacancies of staff surgeon Mr Keate recommends that as at present there is not a staff surgeon in England for that duty, surgeon Jonathan Cotgrave, 35th Regiment, who is on the spot and is the only regimental surgeon that has applied for the situation may be appointed Surgeon to the Forces for the duty in the Mediterranean, and that Assistant Surgeon James Dillon Tully, 58th Regiment, who is the senior assistant surgeon in the above station, and is now duly qualified may be appointed surgeon to the 35th Regiment. An early opportunity shall be taken to fill the other vacancy of staff surgeon as soon as a proper person can be found. Directions will be given to the Inspector of Hospitals at Messina to nominate the senior eligible hospital mate on the spot to fill the vacancy in the 58th Regiment.

24 Apr 1816 Retired.

26 Dec 1844 Died at Henley. His memorial at St Peter's Church Chester states:

To the memory of Jonathan Cotgrave Esquire MD Staff Surgeon to Her Majesty's Forces. He was a native of this city and representative of a branch of the ancient family of De Malpas appointed in early life to the 35th Regt he served many years with that gallant corps in Holland, Egypt, Calabria and various parts of the Mediterranean. During his life he was actuated by the kindest feelings of Christian charity and benevolence and at his death left a permanent and liberal memorial of his philanthropy to the poor by bequeathing 2000 pounds to the Chester Infirmary, 1000 pounds to the Westminster and 500 pounds to the Berkshire Hospitals. This tablet is erected by his cousin Captain Edward Stone Cotgrave RN as a testimony of his gratitude and esteemed affection.