Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Abraham James
Nisbet Connel
? – 1871

Assistant Surgeon Abraham James Nisbet Connel

? – 9 Mar 1871 [London]

Service Record

10 Mar 1825 Hospital Assistant.

16 June 1825 Assistant Surgeon 56th (West Essex) Regiment of Foot.

6 July 1826 Assistant Surgeon 2nd/Rifle Brigade.

Malta 15 Oct 1828 Arrived from England.

Malta 1829 Assistant Surgeon Rifle Brigade.

Malta 1830 On regimental duty.

Malta 8 Oct 1831 Embarked for England.

Malta 23 Feb 1832 Returned to Malta but went on leave till July 1832.

20 June 1832 Death of his father, James Connell, a merchant of Leith, at Edinburgh.

July 1832 Left for the Ionian Islands.

2 Nov 1832 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 15th Light Dragoons vice Assistant Surgeon Charles Dealy promoted Surgeon 77th Foot on 19 Oct 1832. The vacancy left in the Rifle Bde was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon John Donald Grant. The appointment to 15th Light Dragoons did not take place and Nisbet Connel remained with the Rifle Brigade.

17 Aug 1834 Married at Corfu, Miss Vera Poulett, third daughter of Lieutenant General the Hon Vere Poulett.

22 Nov 1839 Promoted Surgeon 88th (Connaught Rangers) Regiment, vice Surgeon Robert Andrew McMunn. McMunn occupied the vacancy in 22nd Foot, left by the death of Surgeon James Steele Huston at Dublin, on 10 Nov 1839. The vacancy left by Nisbet Connel in 2nd/Rifle Brigade was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Henry Downes.

Malta 1 Dec 1840 Arrived from Ireland.

Malta 1841 Surgeon 88th (Connaught Rangers) Regiment.

Malta 1842 On duty with 88th Foot.

Malta Feb 1843 Investigated by the Magistrate of Judicial Police of Valletta, Charles Harper, following the death of Connel's soldier-servant, John Mara, at his residence on 16 Feb 1843. Mara had been ill for 15 hours, and Harper alleged neglect of duty for failing to convey the soldier to hospital.

Malta 28 May–13 Oct 1843 Left for France on private affairs.

Malta 1844 On duty with the 88th Foot.

Malta 6 Aug 1845 Returned to England on private affairs. The Malta Mail and United Service Journal recorded that during his time in Malta, Nisbet Connel had "acquired the esteem of a numerous circle of friends for his humanity and attention on every occasion in the exercise of his professional talents, which were acknowledged to be of the very highest order".1

12 June 1846 Relegated to half-pay. The vacancy in 88th Foot was filled by Assistant Surgeon James Guy Piers Moore 97th Foot.

30 Apr 1847 Recalled from half-pay 88th Foot. Appointed Surgeon 2nd Regiment of Life Guards vice Francis William Grant Calder who died while on leave at Elgin on 1 April 1847.

23 May 1851 Retired to half-pay.

1861 Resident magistrate in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

9 Mar 1871 Died in London.