Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Edward Clark
1836 – 1914

No 772 Assistant Surgeon James Edward Clark MRCS (Eng 1858)

11 Oct 1836 [Stonehouse Devon] – 9 Sep 1914 [London]

Brigade Surgeon James Edward Clark obtained his diploma of Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1858. He entered the Army Medical Department on 1 February 1859 and retired with the honorary rank of Brigade Surgeon in April 1885. He served in the Egyptian War of 1882, receiving the medal and the Khedive's Bronze Star given for that campaign.

Service Record

1 Feb 1859 Assistant Surgeon 2nd/22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 20 May 1859 Arrived from England.

Malta 1860 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 12 Jan 1861 In his confidential report the PMO Malta reported him to be A good officer.

Malta 1862 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 1863 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 1864 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 20 June 1865 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot. The vacancy in the Cheshire Regiment was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Thomas Francis O'Dwyer who became assistant surgeon.

Malta 14 July 1865 Left for Bengal.

24 Nov 1869 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon John Henry Hughes who moved to the 38th Foot.

1870 On duty at Wellington Barracks and Aldershot.

1871 On duty at Chelsea Barracks.

8 Mar 1871 Appointed Surgeon Royal Horse Artillery. On duty in Aldershot.

Apr 1873 Moved from the Royal Horse Artillery to the Medical Staff Aldershot.

1873–1874 On duty at Exeter.

1 Apr 1874 Promoted Surgeon Major.

1875 Moved to Bombay. Medical officer 1st/2nd Foot.

1878 Moved to the Medical Staff Bombay from 1st/2nd Foot.

1878–1879 On duty in Bombay.

1880 On duty in Colchester.

1881 On duty in the Tower of London.

27 July 1882 Joined the Expedition to Egypt in the SS Dacca.
Was in Malta between 24 March to 26 April 1883, following his return from Egypt.

18 Apr 1885 Surgeon Major J E Clark retired with the honorary rank of Brigade Surgeon.

9 Sep 1914 Died aged 77 years, from a self inflicted bullet wound to the brain from a revolver. An inquest held on 11 September gave a verdict of suicide as a result of temporary insanity.