Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John James Chappell
1834 – 1918

No 835 Brigade-Surgeon John James Chappell

LM RCS (Eng 1859) LSAL (1859) MD (St And 1859)

7 Apr 1834 [Axmouth Devon] – 1918 [London]

Service Record

19 Jan 1860 Appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Forces.
Served in Templemore, County Tipperary.

1860–1861 Served in India.

4 Jan 1861 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot, vice Assistant Surgeon Jean Valleton de Boissiere who moved to the Staff.

19 Aug 1862 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 2nd Queen's Dragoon Guards from 48th Foot vice Assistant Surgeon Robert Fleetwood Andrews appointed to the Staff.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon.

Apr 1873 Moved from 2nd Dragoon Guards to the medical Staff at Woolwich.

1874 Served in Aldershot.

1875 Served in Leeds.

1 Apr 1875 Promoted Surgeon Major.

June 1875 Medical officer 35th Foot at Carlisle.

1878 Moved from 35th Foot to the medical Staff West Indies.

1878–1879 Moved to Manchester.

1880–1881 Moved to Christchurch Dorset.

Feb 1881 Moved from Christchurch to Malta.

Malta 20 Mar 1881 Arrived from England.

Malta 1882 On garrison duty.

Malta 16 June 1883 To England on leave.

26 Sep 1883 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1884 On garrison duty.

Malta 1885 On garrison duty.

1 Apr 1886 Promoted Brigade Surgeon, vice Samuel Fuller promoted Deputy Surgeon General.

Malta 28 Apr 1886 Left for Cork.

Apr 1888 Moved from Cork to Curragh.

7 Apr 1889 Granted retired pay. The vacancy created on his retirement was filled by Surgeon Major W A Catherwood who was s promoted Brigade-Surgeon, ranking as Lieutenant Colonel.

1918 Died in London. A memorial brass plaque was erected in Bindon Chapel, Axmouth Church, Devon.