Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Frederick Murray
1836 – 1865

No 697 Assistant Surgeon Frederick Murray Chalk MRCS (Eng 1858)

22 Nov 1836 [Eythorne Kent] – 9 Feb 1865 [Bermuda]

Assistant Surgeon Frederick Murray Chalk was the son of Doctor Frederick Augustus Chalk of Kent and his wife Caroline Octavia. He qualified Member of the Royal College of Surgeons on 30 April 1858.

Service Record

5 Aug 1858 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Samuel Pratt Woodfull who was appointed Assistant Surgeon to the Royal Artillery.

7 Sep 1858 Promoted Assistant Surgeon 2nd/15th (York, East Riding) Regiment of Foot. The vacancy on the Staff was filled by Gentleman Charles Farran Squire, commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon on 13 October 1858.

Malta 9 Dec 1858 Arrived at Malta with 2nd/15th Foot.

Malta 1859 On duty with 2nd/15th Regiment.

Malta 26 Nov 1860 Granted leave to proceed to England on private affairs from 17 November 1860 to 20 February 1861.

Malta 12 Jan 1861 In his confidential report, PMO Malta described him as A good officer zealous but requires experience in the service.

5 Mar 1861 Returned from leave.

10 July 1861 Left for Corfu.

14 Jan 1862 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Edward O'Connell who became Assistant Surgeon 16th Foot.

1862–1864 At Corfu.

28 Oct 1864 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot on the death of Assistant Surgeon Henry Stewart Lodge at Bermuda on 31 August 1864.

9 Feb 1865 Died in St George's Bermuda.