Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Sidney Herbert
1848 – 1926

No 1445 Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Sidney Herbert Carter

BA MD (Dub 1870) LM (1871) RCS (Ed)

14 Mar 1848 [Co Antrim] – 15 Oct 1926 [Brighton]

Lieutenant Colonel Sidney Herbert Carter was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated BA and MD in 1870. He entered the Army Medical Department as a surgeon on 30 September 1874.

He served in the Afghan war of 1878–80, when he was present at the battle of Ahmed Khel and received the medal with a clasp; in the Egyptian war of 1882, at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (medal with clasp and Khedive's Bronze Star); in the Tirah Campaign on the North-West Frontier of India in 1897-98, on the lines of communication (frontier medal with two clasps); and in South Africa, 1899-1901, when he took part in the defence of Ladysmith, was twice mentioned in dispatches, and gained the Queen's medal with five clasps.

While serving in South Africa, as Principal Medical Officer of a division, he was granted the local rank of colonel from 15 April 1900.

Lieutenant Colonel Sidney Herbert Carter retired from the services in January 1903.

Service Record

Cottonera Hospital
Cottonera Hospital was built in 1873, on the bastion of St James near Zabbar Gate. It contained 4 infirmaries of 32 beds. It served as the main hospital and HQ of the RAMC in Malta until 1920, when Mtarfa Military Hospital opened at Gebel Imtarfa.

30 Sep 1874 Commissioned Surgeon Army Medical Department.

Feb 1875 One of 16 medical candidates successful at both the London and Netley examinations, having passed through a course of instruction at the Army Medical School Netley in February 1875. Came twelfth in the course with a score of 3490 points. First in course was Charles Edward Harrison with 5645 points; last was John Hoysted with 2996 points.

Apr 1875 Posted to Bengal from Dublin.

1875 – 1881 On duty in Bengal.

Cottonera Hospital
Cottonera Hospital.

1878 – 1880 Served in the Afghan War, where he was present at the Battle of Ahmed Khel.

Apr 1881 – 1882 Posted to Woolwich from Bengal.

July 1882 Served with the Egypt Expeditionary Force. He was present at the Battle of Tel-el-Kebir.

1884 Posted to Bengal.

Jan 1886 Detailed for duty with the Camp of Exercise at Delhi with Southern Force, No 3 (British) Field Hospital. The medical staff of No 3 (British) Field-Hospital was: Surgeon-Major Robert Nelson Mally in medical charge, Surgeon-Major Joseph Henry Moore, Surgeons Sidney Herbert Carter, George Nelis and William Henry Lendrum.

30 Sep 1886 Promoted Surgeon-Major after twelve years in the service.

Sep 1889 Completed five years of foreign service on the Medical Staff, Bengal Establishment. Ordered to proceed to England during the ensuing trooping season. Was detailed by the Surgeon-General for duty with troops embarking in the troopships.

Jan 1890 Posted from Bengal to Aldershot. Placed in medical charge of the Cavalry Brigade at Aldershot in succession to Surgeon Thomas Alfred Perry Marsh, who was posted to the Second Station Hospital at Aldershot.

30 Sep 1894 Promoted Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel having served twenty years full-pay service.

Malta 7 Dec 1894 Arrived from England.

Malta 1895 Officer in charge Cottonera Hospital.

Malta 1896 Officer in charge Cottonera Hospital.
Resident at Officers' Quarters Cottonera Station Hospital.

Malta 1897 Officer in charge Cottonera Station Hospital.
Resident at Officers' Quarters Cottonera Station Hospital.

Malta 2 Feb 1897 Left Malta for Bengal.

1897 – 1898 Served in the Tirah campaign on the North West Frontier British India. No 11 British Field Hospital mobilised at Lucknow and proceeded to Kohat on 30 Sept 1897. Attached for Field Service were: Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel S H Carter, in medical charge, and Surgeon-Captains William John Trotter, Samuel Henry Withers and Edward Maudsley Morphew.

3 Nov 1897 Promoted Brigade-Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel.

1899 – 1901 Served in South Africa; took part in the defence of Ladysmith.

15 Apr 1900 Granted local rank of Colonel whilst PMO in charge of a Division in South Africa.

Mentioned in despatches by General Sir George White, Natal Field Force and by General Sir Redvers Buller VC. Buller stated that Lieutenant-Colonel S. H. Carter, MB, RAMC, Principal Medical Officer, has discharged his duties to my entire satisfaction.

Nov 1901 Returned to England.

23 June 1902 Mentioned in Lord Kitchener's despatch dated Cape Town, 23 June 1902, (The Gazette 29 July 1902).

Aug 1902 Posted to Canterbury.

17 Jan 1903 Placed on retired pay.

15 Oct 1926 Died suddenly in a nursing home at Brighton, aged 88 years.