Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Alexander
? – 1822

Assistant Surgeon James Alexander Campbell

? – 28 May 1822 [Ireland]

Service Record

Casal Gudja
Map of Col Lindenthal dated Dec 1799 showing Casal Gudja. (TNA:MPH 1/74).

2 Feb 1796 Appointed Regimental Mate.

25 Dec 1796 Assistant Surgeon 89th Regiment of Foot.

1799 On duty in Messina. Listed as being sick in the returns of 25 December 1799 to 24 January 1800.

Malta 1800 Arrived at Malta. His pay was 7s 5d a day.

8 May 1800 Surgeon Maltese Light Infantry. Detached from 89th Foot and appointed surgeon to the hospital of the Maltese Light Battalion at Gudja.

26 May Was instructed by Brig–Gen Thomas Graham to establish a hospital at Gudja for the many sick recruits of the Maltese Light Battalion.

20 Dec 1800 Embarked on Abercrombie's Expedition to Egypt.

1801 In Egypt.

7 Jan 1801 Surgeon 58th Foot.

19 Mar 1812 Promoted to the Staff. Served in the Peninsular war

25 Mar 1815 Reduced to half pay but was soon reemployed on full pay. Served at the Battle of Waterloo.

17 July 1817 Promoted Brevet Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.