Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Francesco Camilleri
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Assistant Surgeon Francesco Camilleri

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Service Record

Malta 1800 Assistant Surgeon Corps of Maltese Pioneers.

Malta 1801 Served in Egypt with the Maltese Pioneers on Sir Ralph Abercrombie's Expedition. In 1800, five hundred Maltese were recruited in the Pioneers under the command of Lt Francis Rivarola. The Corps of Maltese Pioneers was disbanded in 1802.

Dec 1801 Returned to Malta at end of service.

Malta Mar 1802 Surgeon Maltese Light Infantry.

The Maltese Light Infantry were placed under the temporary command of Capt James Weir Royal Marines, on 9 June 1800. Brigadier-General Moncrieff was offered, and accepted the command of the Maltese Regiment on his arrival at Malta. The establishment was first fixed at eight companies of 100 men each who were enlisted for two years. Moncrieff had no power to appoint officers, other with the exception of the assistant surgeon. Giuseppe Fabri was the assistant surgeon before becoming ensign in 1801, when he was succeeded by Mr Giuseppe Camilleri as medical assistant to the Maltese Corps.

Malta Jan-July 1803 Assistant Surgeon Maltese Light Infantry.

Malta Aug 1803 Chirurgo (Surgeon) 1st/Maltese Provincials located at Fort Manoel.

Malta 1804 Surgeon Maltese Provincials.

Malta 1805 Surgeon 1st/Maltese Provincials which was commanded by Col Parisi.

Malta 12 June 1806 Assistant Surgeon Royal Regiment of Malta.

4 Oct 1807–11 Feb 1808 Captured by the French when the Royal Regiment of Malta was overwhelmed by superior forces in the reconquest of Capri.

1809 POW Surgeon Royal Regiment of Malta.

1810 POW Surgeon Royal Regiment of Malta.

Malta 26 Apr 1811 Discharged to half-pay on disbandment of The Royal Regiment of Malta. Remained on half-pay until 1814.

Malta 25 Feb 1815 Assistant Surgeon Royal Malta Fencible Regiment.
The daily rate of pay for an assistant surgeon was 5s 6d. (General Order Valletta, 22 Mar 1815).

Malta 1816 Assistant Surgeon Royal Malta Fencible Regiment.

Assistant Surgeon Camilleri having claimed the continuance of his half pay as assistant surgeon in the Royal Regiment of Malta notwithstanding he holds the like situation in the Royal Malta Fencibles, I have the honour by the Secretary-at-War to request you will state for his information whether Earl Bathurst considers the Royal Malta Fencibles to be such a corps as would by the case of the above officer within the restriction of the 32 clause of the appropriation Act 55 Geo 3 Cap 187."1

Malta 31 Jan 1817 Assistant Surgeon Royal Malta Fencible Regiment. In 1817, Francesco Camilleri was discharged following a reduction in the strength of the regiment. The Maltese Provincial Battalion was so reduced in size that by 1824, only one medical officer, Surgeon Giuseppe Camilleri remained.