Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Thomas Bouchier
1786 – 1844

Surgeon Thomas Bouchier

21 Dec 1786 [Ireland] – Mar 1844

Service Record

24 May 1804 Assistant Surgeon 3rd (East Kent - The Buffs) Regiment of Foot.

4 July 1806 Served in the Light Dragoons at the Battle of Maida.

21 May 1807 Assistant Surgeon 34th (Cumberland) Regiment of Foot.

22 Aug 1811 Surgeon 57th< (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot.

28 Nov 1816 Surgeon 104th Regiment of Foot (Disbanded 1816).

29 May 1817 Surgeon 36th (Herefordshire) Regiment of Foot.

Malta Oct 1817 Arrived from England.

Malta 27 July 1818 Embarked for England and Ireland.

Malta Sep 1819 Resumed his duties as Surgeon 36th Foot after being on the sick list. One of the duties of the surgeon was to inspect the various detachments of the Corps, and carefully examine their quarters, bedding, clothing, messing, and everything connected with their management and comfort.

Malta Nov 1820 Left for the Ionian Islands.

27 Jan 1829 Surgeon John Harding Walker was recalled from half-pay De Meuron Regiment to fill the vacancy in the 36th Foot created by the retirement of Thomas Bouchier to the half-pay of the Regiment of De Meuron.

2 Aug 1831 Recalled from half-pay and appointed surgeon 98th Regiment vice Surgeon Edward Tedlie, appointed surgeon 25th Foot, vice Samuel Bell MD, who retired on the half-pay of the Regiment de Meuron.

28 Aug 1834 Surgeon Thomas Bouchier 98th Foot married at the Cape of Good Hope, Frances Sophia, widow of Captain Peach 98th Regiment, and niece of Sir Charles Metcalfe of Bengal.

29 Dec 1840 Retired to half-pay. The vacancy in 98th Foot was filled by Assistant Surgeon Michael Bardin.