Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Edward Hugh
1808 – 1885

Staff Assistant Surgeon Edward Hugh Blakeney


1808 – 27 May 1885 [Dorking]

Service Record

E H Blakeney
Deputy Inspector General Edward Hugh Blakeney 18 Nov 1859
(Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos - Courtesy AMS archives).

17 Oct 1834 Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Duncan McGregor appointed to 32nd Regiment.

13 Mar 1835 Appointed assistant surgeon 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment, vice Assistant Surgeon Alexander Cumming, who became surgeon 74th Foot vice Surgeon John Wyer. Wyer in his turn replaced Surgeon John Benjamin Waterson 19th Foot, who was allowed to retire on receiving a commutation for his commission.

13 Oct 1843 Appointed Assistant Surgeon Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment vice Assistant Surgeon Alexander McGrigor, promoted Surgeon 71st Foot, on the death of Surgeon John Wilson at Montreal on 1 Sept 1843. The vacancy in 67th Foot was filled by Gentleman Vere Webb.

19 Dec 1845 Staff Surgeon 2nd Class.

23 May 1847 Death of his spouse Caroline Blakeney, nee Miller, aged 21 years, at Quebec Canada, following the birth of her third child. Surgeon Blakeney remarried and had five children with Charlotte Maria Weare.

Malta 20 Mar 1851 Arrived at Malta.

Malta 1852 Staff Surgeon 2nd Class.

Malta 14 Jan 1852 Had a son, Robert Weare Blakeney.

Malta 16 June 1853 Left Malta.

4 Nov 1853 Surgeon Royal Hibernian Military School Dublin on a salary of £431 6d.

1 Oct 1858 Surgeon-Major. The vacancy left in the Royal Hibernian School was filled by Assistant Surgeon Francis Bowen Coldstream Guards.

18 Nov 1859 Retired to half-pay with the honorary rank of Deputy Inspector–General.