Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Alexander Baxter
1777 – 1841

Assistant Surgeon Alexander Baxter MD (Ed 1820)

1777 – 19 Sep 1841 [London]

Service Record

31 Aug 1798 Hospital Mate.

27 Aug 1799 Served in Holland on the Helder Expedition under General Ralph Abercrombie. The Duke of York took command on 19 September 1799.

30 Aug 1799 Assistant Surgeon 35th (Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot.

Malta July 1800 Arrived at Malta. HMS Stately, and HMS Niger arrived from Minorca and disembarked the 1st/35 Foot at St Paul's Bay.

24 Aug 1800 Reported as sick in returns of 24 Aug to 25 Nov 1800.

Malta 1801 On regimental duty.

Malta 1802 On regimental duty.

Malta 31 Dec 1803 Received his first payment of £43 4s 6d in prize money from the proceeds of the property captured in Malta on 4 September 1800. This was equivalent to that paid out to lieutenants and ensigns in the infantry.

Malta 1804 On regimental duty.

1 Aug 1804 Received his second payment of £14 1s 0d in prize money from the proceeds of the property captured in Malta on 4 September 1800.

Malta Jan 1805 Assistant Surgeon 35th (Sussex) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 13 Apr 1805 Surgeon Royal Corsican Rangers.

13 Apr 1809 Surgeon the 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot.

3 Sept 1812 Staff Surgeon.

Served in the Peninsular War.

1814 Served in the Anglo-American War.

3 Aug 1815 Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

1816–July 1819 Accompanied Sir Hudson Lowe to St Helena as PMO St Helena Garrison during the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte.

2 Aug 1819 Relegated to half-pay.

1820 MD Edinburgh. His theses, written in Latin, was on remittent fever. Disputatio medica inauguralis de febre remittente.

10 Dec 1823 Brevet Inspector of Hospitals for service in the Windward and Leeward Islands in the Caribbean.

3 July 1828 Inspector General for General Service.

29 July 1830 Appointed Inspector General of Hospitals.

3 Sep 1833 Retired to half-pay. The vacancy in the West Indies was filled by Brevet Inspector John Erly who became Inspector General of Hospitals in the West Indies only. Consequently, Deputy Inspector General Andrew Halliday was recalled from half-pay to be Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals vice John Erly.

1 July 1838 One of twenty two Inspectors General on half pay. Total Service: 42 years 3 months, Total Full Pay Service: 31 years 0 months.