Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Annesley
1783 – ?

Staff Surgeon Charles Annesley MD (Ed 1803)

10 Sep 1783 – ?

Service Record

22 Jan 1805 – 26 Apr 1805 Appointed Hospital Mate serving in England.

27 Apr 1805 – 4 May 1808 On duty in Sicily. Served with the Expedition of Sir James Craig in Naples.

July 1806 Served at the General Hospital Messina. Was in charge under Staff Surgeon Ebenezer Brown of 400 enemy wounded troops from the Battle of Maida and afterwards was on duty in the Ophthalmia Hospital.

5 May 1808 Appointed Assistant Surgeon Chasseurs Britanniques.

5 May 1805 – 18 July 1808 On duty in Sicily.

19 July 1808 – 24 Aug 1808 On duty in England.

25 Aug 1808 Assistant Surgeon 35th (Sussex) Regiment of Foot.

22 Apr 1809 – 20 Jan 1813 Served in Sicily and the Ionian Islands.

1809 Acted as PMO at the siege and capture of Zante under Major General Sir John Oswald, who as commanding officer of the 35th Regiment was present during the expulsion of the French from Malta.

21 Jan 1810 On duty in Trieste and Italy.

22 Mar 1810 Present as acting surgeon of the Calabrese Force Corps under Sir John Oswald at the storming of three entrenched batteries in front of the fort at Santa Maura in the Ionian Islands and remained there until its final surrender on 8 November 1810. Was among the medical officers thanked by Sir John Oswald for their services at the capture of Santa Maura.

8 Apr 1813 Acted as Principal Medical Officer at the siege and capture of Trieste. Also served in the 1813 – 1814 campaigns in Northern Italy under General Nugent and Col Robertson. Was at the capture of Ferrara, Ravenna, Modena, Bologna Genoa and other towns. Received the thanks of General Nugent and Col Robertson for his services. Also received the thanks of Admiral Sir Charles Bowling, having volunteered his services to be present at the storming of a strong entrenched battery infront of the citadel of Trieste so as to assist the surgeon of HMS Eagle in dressing the wounded.

Malta May 1813 Surgeon for a particular service in the Mediterranean, having volunteered to attend the plague at Malta.

Dec 1813 In Dec 1813, while attending the sick became infected with a malignant typhus fever which had broken out among the Austrian troops. He was seriously ill but recovered.

25 July 1816 Reduced to half-pay.

27 Feb 1817 Appointed Surgeon 2nd Dragoons by exchange from half-pay.

27 Feb 1817 – 28 June 1836 On duty in England.

28 June 1836 Retired upon half-pay. The vacancy in 2nd Dragoon Guards was filled by Surgeon John Winterscale 71st Foot. The vacancy in 71st created by the promotion of Winterscale was filled by Surgeon Thomas Young 95th Foot.