Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Adcock John

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804 Assistant Surgeon John Adcock MRCS (Eng 1858) MD (St And 1859)
21 Nov 1837 [London] – ?

Service Record — John Adcock

13 June 1859 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1860 On duty at Colchester.

1 June 1860 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 1st/22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon William Henry Pollard appointed to the Royal Artillery.

Malta 22 June 1860 Arrived from England.

Malta 1861 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 1862 On duty with his regiment.

28 Apr 1863 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Francis Henry Welch who exchanged from the staff.

Malta 27 July 1863 To England on leave.

29 Oct 1863 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1864 On garrison duty.

Malta 24 May 1865 To England on duty.

27 July–9 Sept 1865 In medical charge of Pembroke Camp with Staff Assistant Surgeon Creyk William during the outbreak of cholera, when 8 cases of cholera occurred at Pembroke camp. Pembroke camp was occupied by detachments of 2nd/8th Regiment, the 2nd/29th Regiment, and a few married families of the 100th Regiment.

Malta 1866 On garrison duty.

Malta 1 Mar 1867 To England on leave.

6 June 1867 Returned to Malta.

15 Nov 1867 Returned to England.

1868–1869 On duty at Netley.

1870–1873 On duty at Shorncliffe.

1872 At Sandgate Kent, birth of a daughter to the wife of Staff Assistant Surgeon John Adcock MD.

Apr 1874 Medical officer 100th Foot.

11 Feb 1875 Promoted Surgeon Major.

1876 Moved from 100th Foot to the medical staff Malta.

Malta 1 Jan 1876 On duty at Cottonera Hospital. Reported on four cases of enteric fever among the men of the Army Hospital Corps at Cottonera Hospital.

19 Dec 1876 To England on leave.

1 Mar 1877 Death of the wife of John Adcock at the Vicarage Alton, Hants.

Malta 31 Mar 1877 Returned to Malta.

Malta 12 Oct 1878 Left for Cyprus.

July 1879 Discharging the duties of Principal Medical Officer in the island of Cyprus.

Malta 23 Nov 1879 Returned to England.

Dec 1879 On duty in Dublin.

11 Feb 1880 Retired on half-pay with the honorary rank of Brigade-Surgeon.

1881 Appointed to Great Yarmouth.

Dec 1888 Re-appointed to Great Yarmouth.

1895 Elected a member of the Anglian Branch of the British Medical Association.


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