Of the Malta Garrison
Royal Electrical
Mechanical Engineers

Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME)

Pre 1947 regimental badge.

The Royal Electrical And Mechanical Engineers (REME) is responsible for the recovery, repair and maintenance of vehicles, weapons and equipment. On 19 May 1942, it received the royal assent for its formation, but no postings were made to the Corps until 1 October 1942, which is celebrated as the official birthday.

The badge adopted was four shields each bearing one of the initials of the Corps title placed on a laurel wreath in the form of a cross, with a pair of calipers in the centre and a crown above all.

In July 1947, a new regimental badge was adopted. This had a horse in a rearing attitude (forcene) upon a flash of lightning, with a coronet of four fleurs–de–lis round its neck, a chain attached to the coronet over its back, standing on a globe. Above the horse, a scroll inscribed REME surrounded by a crown.

The horse symbolised controlled power, the globe the world wide character of mechanical engineering, and the lightning flash electrical engineering.

Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers

1943 REME

7627750 Craftsman George Henry Chapman died 10 August 1943 aged 23 years (Pembroke Military Cemetery).

Burials in Pembroke Military Cemetery in 1943:

1961 REME

Baptisms at St Oswald’s Chapel Mtarfa in 1961: