Of the Malta Garrison
Neapolitan Regiment
Of Valde Mazzara

The Neapolitan Regiment of Valde Mazzara

1800 Neapolitan Regiment

Apr 1800 A newly raised and untrained battalion of Neapolitan infantry (900 men) under the command of Colonel Fardella reached Malta to support the Maltese insurgents. The troops were billeted at Birkirkara, opposite Forts Manoel and Tigne.

1801 Neapolitan Regiment

1 Jan 1801 Strength: 626 men (54 sick). The troops were billeted at St Calcedonio Floriana, also known as Casa Santa.

4 May Major-General Henry Pigot, commanding the troops in Malta, thanked Colonel Fardella and his men for their services and ordered them to withdraw from the island. The Neapolitan troops were required to leave Malta consequently to the armistice concluded between Naples and the French Republic at Folignio on 18 February 1801.

1802 Neapolitan Regiment

2 Oct 1802 Three Battalions and a Corps of Chasseurs (2,000 men) arrived under Colonel Mirabella in accordance with the Treaty of Amiens. Fort Ricasoli, on the Cottonera side of the harbour, was set aside for them as their hospital, but after protests from Mirabella, a house in Valletta was vacated of its officers and handed over to them to serve as their hospital.1

1803 Neapolitan Regiment

14 July 1803 On the resumption of hostilities with France, Capt Alexander Ball, who was in Malta as HM Civil Commissioner, was instructed to arrange for the departure of the Neapolitan Regiment. The Neapolitan troops were embarked on board British transports at the request of His Sicilian Majesty and conveyed to Messina and Syracuse.

15 July General Vial, minister plenipotentiary to the Order of St John of Jerusalem and island of Malta, together with everyone connected with the French mission departed from Malta.