Of the Malta Garrison
The 3rd Battalion
Grenadier Guards

The 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards

The Grenadier Guards was raised by Charles II in 1656 as Our First Regiment of Foot Guards. On 29 July 1815, it was styled The 1st or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards in commemoration of their having defeated the Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guards at Waterloo.

Four members of the 3rd Battalion gained the Victoria Cross for their conduct during the Crimean War.

John Standish Surtees Prendergast Vereker later Viscount Gort was commissioned in the Grenadier Guards in 1886. He won the Victoria Cross in 1918. On 7 May 1942, he became Governor of Malta and Supreme Commander of HM Troops on the island. In September 1942 Viscount Gort made the formal presentation of the George Cross to the Island of Malta on behalf of King George VI. On 20 June 1943, he was presented with the Field Marshal's baton by King George VI in the Palace Valletta. Field Marshal the Viscount Gort VC left Malta for Palestine in August 1944.

The 3rd/Grenadier Guards

1854 3rd/Grenadier Guards

22 Feb 1854 Six Companies of the Grenadier Guards embarked at Southampton on the Ripon; two companies embarked on board the Manilla.

5 Mar The Ripon arrived at Malta and disembarked the 3rd Battalion, which remained on the island for seven weeks. The Manilla followed on 12 March. The men were kept in the Lazaretto on Manoel Island. The Battalion had 864 men fit for duty.

24 Apr The 3rd Battalion/Grenadier Guards left Malta on the Golden Fleece. It arrived at Scutari on 29 April and embarked for Varna on 13 June.

Burials in 1854:

1855 3rd/Grenadier Guards (Expeditionary Force).

Burials in 1855:

1856 3rd/Grenadier Guards

Burials in 1856:

1882 3rd/Grenadier Guards

22 Sep 1882 3 companies of Foot Guards arrived from England.

2 Oct A detachment of the 2nd/Grenadier Guards consisting of 2 officers, 3 sgts, 1 drummer and 122 gdsm embarked on the transport Italy for Portsmouth.