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95th (Derbyshire) Regiment

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The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment


The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment was raised at Winchester in 1823, and was completed on 10 February 1824.

In April 1824, the 95th embarked on its first posting to Malta, where it was presented with its First Colours by the Marchioness of Hastings.

In November 1825, the 95th received its affiliation with the county of Derbyshire to become The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment of Foot.

On 1 July 1881, the 95th merged with the 45th (1st Nottinghamshire–Sherwood Foresters) Regiment to form the Second Battalion of the Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire Regiment).

The 45th became the 1st Battalion; the 95th became the 2nd Battalion.

The Maltese Cross, oak wreath, and stag are derived from the badge of the 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment. The Royal Stags formed the Supporters to the Arms of the City of Nottingham. The oak wreath derives from the old Nottinghamshire Militia which had an oak wreath in its badge in allusion to Sherwood Forest.

The 45th was raised in 1741. It was numbered 45th Foot in 1751, to which the title Nottinghamshire was added in 1782. In 1866, the regimental title changed to the 45th (Nottinghamshire–Sherwood Foresters) Regiment.

The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment

1824 95th (Derbyshire)

27 Apr 1824 A detachment of 350 men arrived from England. It relieved the 18th Foot which embarked for the Ionian Islands. The rest of the 95th arrived on 7 June 1824.

7 June–Sep The 95th had 294 febrile cases of phlebotomus fever. All regiments which arrived at Malta during the summer were prone to suffer greatly from sand fly fever.

16 Oct Bachelor Sgt George Boyd married Ann Austin, widow of Sgt Thomas Austin 95th Regiment.

The following were baptised in 1824:

The following died in 1824:

1825 95th (Derbyshire)

12 Jan 1825 Burial of Pte Joseph Laws (Quarantine Bastion Cemetery Floriana).

Nov 1825 The 95th was associated with the county of Derbyshire for recruitment.

The following were baptised in 1825:

1826 95th (Derbyshire)

1826 Strength: 523 men.

The following were married in 1826:

The following were baptised in 1826:

1827 95th (Derbyshire)

23 July 1827 Widower Pte Samuel Procter married Mary Ann Regezgo, spinster daughter of Gaetano Regezgo, Assistant Provost Sgt in the Cottonera District.

16 Aug Death of Pte Philip Lovejoy, aged 21 years. (Quarantine Bastion Cemetery Floriana).

25 Oct Strength: Rank and File (Effective) 523, Rank and File (Establishment) 516.

10 Nov 1827 Death of Lt Col Alexander Campbell Wylly CB commanding 95th Regiment, aged 39 years. (Quarantine Bastion Cemetery Floriana).

The following were baptised in 1827:

  • 25 Feb Thomas Fitzgerald son of School Master Sgt Thomas Hawkes and Rebecca, born on 24 January 1827.
  • 29 Mar William Rafter son of Pay Master Michael Rafter and Catherine Amelia, born on 17 February.
  • 16 June Elizabeth Ellis daughter of Sgt Maj Anthony Ellis and Susannah, born on 31 May.
  • 15 July George Hodge son of CSgt Robert Hodge and Catherine, born on 1 July.
  • 21 Oct John John son of Sgt John John and Anne, born on 14 October 1827 and publicly admitted into the church 28 October.
  • 22 Oct James Thomas Fraser son of Capt James Fraser and Margaret, born on 2 September.

1828 95th (Derbyshire)

25 Aug 1828 Strength: 492 men (6 coys).

The following were baptised in 1828:

  • 29 Jan John Augustus Feneran son of QM Francis Feneran and Anne Emilia, born on 1 December 1827.
  • 28 Feb Emily Melita Dickens daughter of Captain George Mordaunt Dickens and Anne Emily Charlotte, born on 28 January 1828.
  • 27 Apr Charles Thorn son of CSgt James Thorn and Janey, born on 15 April.
  • 18 May Lindley James Murray son of CSgt James Murray and Maria, born on 26 April.
  • 16 Nov John Hawked son of School Master Sgt Thomas Hawkes and Barbara, born on 4 November.
  • 24 Nov George Hamilton Gordon son of Lt Robert Gumming Hamilton Gordon and Frances, born on 5 November 1828. He was publicly received into the church on 20 April 1829.

The following were buried in 1828:

  • 27 Jan Sgt Charles Deedes 95th Regiment, (Military and Civil Cemetery Floriana).
  • July 1828 Sgt Robert Hodge 95th Regiment, (Quarantine Bastion Cemetery Floriana).

1829 95th (Derbyshire)

Dec 1829 The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment embarked for Corfu.

The following were married in 1829:

  • 21 Mar Bachelor CSgt John Brown to Judith Leeson, spinster of the Parish of St Helier, Jersey.
  • 24 Aug Bachelor Ensign John Wardle of the Parish of Daventry in the County of Northampton, to Teresa Josephine Zimelli, spinster of the Parish of St Maria di Porto Salvo, Valletta Malta.
  • 27 Oct Bachelor Cpl Edward Beer to Mary Anne Kingswell, spinster daughter of James Kingswell, Blockmaster in the Naval Arsenal, of the Parish of St Nicholas Deptford in the County of Kent.

The following were baptised in 1829:

  • 9 Aug Maria Louisa Murray daughter of CSgt James Murray and Maria, born on 21 July 1829.
  • 16 Aug Edward Michael Kilfoyle son of Hospital Sgt Timothy Kilfoyle and Elizabeth, born on 6 August.
  • 5 Sep Susannah Maria Wilhelmina Feneran daughter of QM Francis Feneran and Anne Emilia, born on 18 March.
  • 23 Oct Henry Passer son of Paymaster Michael Passer and Catherine Amelia, born on 20 September.

1830 95th (Derbyshire)

8 Jan 1830 The 2nd Division consisting of 173 men embarked for Corfu.

23 Aug 1830 Burial of Sgt John Jones aged 28 years.

The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment

1854 95th (Derbyshire)

14 Apr 1854 The 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment arrived from England on its way to the Crimea.

The following were buried in 1854:

1855 95th (Derbyshire)

4 Jan 1855 Burial of Pte William Rodgers 95th Regiment.

1856 95th (Derbyshire)