Of the Malta Garrison
92nd (Highland)

The 92nd (Highland) Regiment

Gordon Highlanders
A Stag's head above a ducal coronet, the crest of the Gordon Family, within a wreath of ivy; on the bottom of the wreath a scroll inscribed Bydand (Stand Fast).

The 92nd Highlanders was raised in Aberdeenshire by the Duke of Gordon in June 1794, at the onset of the French Revolutionary Wars. It was initially the 100th (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of Foot, but was renumbered in 1798 as The 92nd (Highland) Regiment of Foot.

In 1861, its title changed to The 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of Foot.

On 1 July 1881, The 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) merged with The 75th (Stirlingshire) Regiment to form the 2nd Battalion The Gordon Highlanders.

In 1994 The Gordon Highlanders merged with The Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) to form The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordon and Camerons).

The 92nd (Highland) Regiment

1800 – 92nd (Highland)

1 Dec 1800 The 92nd arrived at Malta from Minorca.

26 Dec The 92nd embarked on Sir Ralph Abercrombie's Expedition to Egypt.

1801 92nd (Highland)

6 Oct 1801 The 92nd embarked at Aboukir. It sailed for Malta on 7 October 1801.

19 Oct The 92nd arrived at Malta, but remained in harbour until 15 November, when it sailed for Great Britain.

1 Nov Total Officers and Men: 699, Sick: 58, Rank and File Fit for Duty: 578.

The 92nd (Highland) Regiment

1835 – 92nd (Highland)

14 Dec 1835 A detachment of 150 men arrived from Gibraltar.

Dec The sick of the two companies of the 92nd Regiment stationed at Fort Manoel were treated in the regimental hospital of the 53rd Foot at the Garrison Hospital Valletta.

1836 92nd (Highland)

8 Feb 1836 The Service Companies, (17 officers and 492 men), arrived from Gibraltar.

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1837 92nd (Highland)

17 June-18 July 1837 During the cholera epidemic in Malta (9 June–11 Oct 1837) the 92nd had 60 ill with 7 deaths (5 males, 1 female and 1 child). The regiment was moved from Floriana Barracks, which overlooked the Ospizio, to Fort Manoel.

28 Nov The 92nd was inspected by Major General Sir Henry Bouverie.

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1838 92nd (Highland)

12 July 1838 Prince Maximilian of Bavaria visited Malta. On 13 July 1838, he inspected the barracks occupied by the 92nd (Highland) Regiment.

30 Nov On the visit to Malta of Adelaide, the Queen Dowager, the 92nd Regiment lined the ramparts of Fort St Elmo while the Hastings entered the Grand Harbour. On the following day, when the Queen Dowager disembarked to examine the accommodation prepared for her, the 92nd formed the Guard of Honour in front of the Palace Valletta. The Queen Dowager then returned to the Hastings.

4 Dec The Queen Dowager disembarked from the Hastings and occupied her rooms at the Palace Valletta. On 12 December, she held a reception at the Palace attended by all the officers. Afterwards, she reviewed the 92nd on the Floriana Parade ground.

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1839 92nd (Highland)

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1840 92nd (Highland)

15 Apr 1840 A detachment of 66 men and 2 women arrived on the transport Barretto Junior.

19 Oct A detachment of 131 men left for England.

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1841 92nd (Highland)

21 Jan 1841 The first division of the regiment consisting of two companies, (204 men, 14 women and 27 children), embarked on the Somersetshire for Barbados to relieve the 14th Foot. It arrived in the West Indies on 4 April. On 13 January 1841, the Rifle Brigade replaced the 92nd on garrison duty at Malta.1

28 Mar The lady of Capt Donald Stewart 92nd Highlanders was delivered of a son, on board the transport Somersetshire, while on its voyage from Malta to Barbados.

21 Jan 1841 HQ Coy and four other companies, (396 men, 24 women, and 44 children), embarked on the transport Cornwall for Barbados to relieve the 14th Foot. It arrived in the West Indies on 4 April with the First Division of the regiment.

The 92nd (Highland) Regiment

1854 92nd (Highland)

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1855 92nd (Highland)

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1858 92nd (Highland)

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1859 92nd (Highland)

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