Regiments of the Malta Garrison
The 81st
(Loyal Lincoln Volunteers)

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The 81st Regiment of Foot (Loyal Lincoln Volunteers)


The 81st Foot was raised in Lincoln in 1793 on the outbreak of war with revolutionary France as the Loyal Lincoln Volunteers.

In 1794, it became the 81st Regiment of Foot.

In 1833, it incorporated Loyal Lincoln Volunteers in its title as most of its recruits had come from the Lincolnshire militia.

On 1 July 1881, the 81st amalgamated with the 47th (Lancashire) Regiment of Foot to form the Second Battalion of The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

In 1920, the Loyal North Lancashire became The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire).

On 25 March 1970 The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) merged with The Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) to form The Queen's Lancashire Regiment.

The 81st Regiment

1805 1st/81st Foot (Johnson's Regiment)

1 July 1805 The 81st Regiment of Foot arrived from England as part of Sir James Craig's expedition to secure Sicily.
Strength: 35 Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 66 NCOs, 785 rank and file fit for duty, 20 rank and file sick, 912 total officers and men, 907 establishment.

On 13 August Sir James Craig said of the regiment:

The 81st is the worst body of men of the four regiments (39th, 44th 58th and 61st), but by far the most perfect in their movements. Any regiment in Lieut Col Kemp's hands must be in good order.1

30 Sep 1805 Pte William Williams was stabbed and killed by Giovanni Vassallo following an argument about non payment for wine.

1806 1st/81st Foot (Johnson's Regiment)

4 Apr 1806 The 81st embarked for Sicily. On 4 July 1806 it fought in Southern Italy under Sir John Stuart at the Battle of Maida.

1 July 1806 Strength: 32 Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 66 NCOs, 733 rank and file fit for duty, 53 rank and file sick, 893 total officers and men, 907 establishment.


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