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77th (East Middlesex)

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The 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot

Middlesex Regiment
The Prince of Wales's plumes, coronet and motto Ich Dien (I Serve); below, the regimental number, 77th, above a crown and the cypher G, of George The Duke of Cambridge, which is interlaced and reversed, all within a belt bearing the inscription Middlesex Regt; a laurel wreath bears the battle honours across the bottom of which is a scroll inscribed Albuhera, which was granted to the 57th for its service at Albuhera (16th May 1811) during the Peninsular War. (Officer's Mess Floriana)

The 77th Foot was raised in 1787 as the 77th Regiment of Foot. It went to India soon after its formation where it remained for 19 years.

In 1807 the 77th returned to England and was granted the county association for East Middlesex, becoming the 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment.

In 1876 the 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment incorporated The Duke of Cambridge's Own into its title.

On 1 July 1881, the 77th (East Middlesex) (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Regiment of Foot merged with the 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment to form the Second Battalion of The Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment).

In 1966, The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) merged with The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment, The Royal Sussex Regiment, The Queen's Own Buffs and The Royal Kent Regiment to form The Queen's Regiment.

The 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot

1837 77th (East Middlesex)

26 Dec 1837 480 men of the 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment arrived from England.

The following was baptized in Malta in 1837:

  1. 31 Dec Sarah Long daughter of Pte George Long and Margaret born on 9 December 1837.

1838 77th (East Middlesex)

The following married in Malta in 1838:

  1. 1 Nov Bachelor L/Cpl James Murphy aged upwards of twenty one years to Eliza Walker, of Coventry Warwickshire.

The following were baptized in Malta in 1838:

  1. 7 Jan William Alexander Brading son of QM Sgt John Remington Brading and Isabella born on 19 December 1837.
  2. 18 Mar John Everett son of Sgt William Everett and Agnes born on 4 March 1838.
  3. 8 Apr James Campbell son of Cpl John Campbell and Sarah born on 3 April 1838.
  4. 22 Apr Mary Maria Ward daughter of Pte Daniel Ward and Bridget born on 8 April 1838.
  5. 29 Apr George Humphrys son of Pte James Humphrys and Amelia born on 16 April 1838.
  6. 13 May Edward Thomas Cross son of CSgt Edward Cross and Alice born on 2 May 1838.
  7. 10 June Sarah Anne Dott daughter of CSgt William Dott and Sarah born on 15 May 1838.
  8. 24 June Ellen Jennings daughter of William Jennings and Mary born on 13 June 1838.
  9. 19 Aug Edward Lenton son of Pte Edward Lenton and Sarah born on 3 August 1838.
  10. 21 Oct John Andrew Templeman son of Cpl John Templeman and Margaret born on 5 October 1838.
  11. 25 Nov Elizabeth Crawford daughter of Cpl Joseph Crawford and Anne born on 18 November 1838.
  12. 23 Dec Sarah Elizabeth Bullivant daughter of Hospital Sgt Thomas Bullivant and Margaret born on 25 November 1838.
  13. 23 Dec Ellen Perry daughter of Sgt Robert Perry and Ellen born on 20 November 1838.

1839 77th (East Middlesex)

The following married in Malta in 1839:

  1. 1 Apr Bachelor Cpl William Smith to Ellen Dowding, spinster. The couple had been previously married at St Paul's Parish Dublin on 19 Sept 1837 by the Rev C Hobart.

The following were baptized in Malta in 1839:

  1. 21 Jan William Seth son of Cpl James Seth and Margaret born on 16 December 1838.
  2. 7 Feb William Hope son of CSgt George Hope and Elizabeth born on 20 January 1839.
  3. 27 May Henry Humphrys son of L/Cpl Henry Humphrys and Jane, born on 15 May 1839.
  4. 17 June Maria Everitt daughter of Sgt Wilham Everitt and Agnes born on 6 June 1839.
  5. 23 June William Ward son of Pte Daniel Ward and Bridget born on 11 June 1839.
  6. 23 June Mary Playfoot daughter of Pte Robert Playfoot and Anne born on 8 June 1839.
  7. 15 Sept Robert Campbell son of Pte John Campbell and Sarah, born on 20 August 1839.
  8. 29 Oct Catherine Saunders daughter of Sgt Isaac Saunders and Rosanna, born on 28 September 1839.
  9. 22 Dec Mary Humphrys daughter of Pte James Humphrys and Amelia, born on 10 December 1839.

1840 77th (East Middlesex)

Malta 1840 The battalion was at Floriana Barracks. A detachment of 102 men, 5 women and 6 children arrived from England on the transport Prince George.

Malta 12 Sept A detachment of 103 men, 2 women and 5 children arrived from England.

The following were married in Malta in 1840:

  1. 17 Mar Widower L/Cpl George Gibbons to Sarah Gavan spinster of the town of Rathangan Co Kildare Ireland.
  2. 4 Apr Bachelor CSgt John Hardyman to Mary Edwards, spinster of the Parish of St Mary Rotherhithe in the County of Kent.
  3. 18 Oct Bachelor L/Sgt Samuel Wells to Adelaide Quentlot, spinster.
  4. 29 Dec Bachelor Sgt William Minister to Mary Davies, spinster of Devenocks in the County of Brecknock South Wales, England.

The following were baptized in Malta in 1840:

  1. 7 Feb Elizabeth Anne Bullivant daughter of Hospital Sgt Thomas Bullivant and Margaret, born on 21 January 1840.
  2. 17 Feb William Brown son of Drum Major John Brown and Mary, born on 17 January 1840.
  3. 18 Mar William Dott son of Sgt William Dott and Sarah born on 8 March 1840.
  4. 22 Mar William Long son of L/Cpl George Long and Margaret born on 23 February 1840.
  5. 25 Mar John Jennings son of Pte William Jennings and Mary Ann born on 9 March 1840.
  6. 27 Mar Mary Ann Matthews daughter of Pte John Matthews and Frances born on 1 February 1840.
  7. 8 Apr George Hill Jacob Breading son of QM Sgt John Remington Breading and Isabella, born on 21 February 1840.
  8. 10 Apr Mary Call daughter of L/Cpl William Call and Harriet, born on 16 March 1840.
  9. 2 Aug Margaret Templeman daughter of Sgt John Templeman and Margaret, born on 16 July 1840.
  10. 15 Nov Jane Humphries daughter of L/Cpl Henry Humphries and Jane, born on 30 October 1840.
  11. 25 Dec John Sergeant son of Pte Benjamin Sergeant and Eliza, born on 15 December 1840.

The following were buried in Malta in 1840:

  1. 8 Nov Ellen Mary aged 8 years, daughter of Captain William Clerke 77th Foot, died at Valletta.
  2. ? Nov Elizabeth Anne Bullivant, daughter of Hospital Sgt Thomas Bullivant aged 7 months (Military and Civil Cemetery Floriana).

1841 77th (East Middlesex)

Malta Dec 1840–Apr 1841 The 77th was at Floriana Barracks where the men were affected with partial ophthalmia.

The following were married in Malta in 1841:

  1. 26 May Paymaster Widower Alexander John Macpherson to Emma Cardew, spinster daughter of Col Cardew commanding the Royal Engineers.
  2. 29 May Bachelor Sgt David Gournly to Mary Ann Collins, spinster of the West End, near Uxbridge in the County of Middlesex, England.

The following were baptized in Malta in 1841:

  1. 5 Feb Maria McCarthy born on 18 January 1841, daughter of Ensign and Adjutant Patrick McCarthy and Maria.
  2. 15 Feb Sarah Jane Sexton born on 27 January 1841, daughter of Pte Edward Sexton and Sarah.
  3. 22 Feb George Everitt born on 11 February 1841, son of CSgt William Everitt and Agnes.
  4. 5 May Alfred Hope born on 21 April 1841, son of Acting QM Sgt George Hope and Elizabeth.
  5. 27 June William Bailey born on 30 April 1841, son of Pte Thomas Bailey and Bridget.
  6. 1 Aug Victoria Christiana Wells born on 20 July 1841, daughter of Sgt Samuel Wells and Adelaide.
  7. 21 Aug Jane Pirrie born on 21 August 1841, daughter of CSgt Robert Pirrie and Ellen.
  8. 26 Sept Fanny Ward born on 12 September 1841, daughter of Sgt Daniel Ward and Bridget.
  9. 25 Oct Alexander McLean born on 2 October 1841, son of Sgt Alexander McLean and Margaret.
  10. 15 Nov Thomas William Bullivant son of Hospital Sgt Thomas Bullivant and Margaret, born on 21 October 1840.
  11. 5 Dec Mary Barber born on 12 November 1841, daughter of Pte James Barber and Eliza.

1842 77th (East Middlesex)

Malta 11 Jan 1842 A detachment of 46 men, 13 women and 15 children arrived from England.

Malta 28 Jan 298 men, 30 women and 51 children left for Corfu.

Malta 5 Feb 1842 356 men, 24 women and 35 children embarked on the Boyne for Corfu.

The 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot

1854 77th (East Middlesex)

24 Mar 1854 901 men of the 77th arrived from Liverpool. The regiment was placed under canvas at St Clement's parade ground.

Malta 9 Apr 1854 The 77th embarked on the Indus for Turkey and the Crimea.

Nov 1854 The regiment had 24 officers and 750 men serving in the Crimea. Bowel complaints prevailed. Their surgeon ascribed it to the want of proper clothing, severe duty and exposure to the cold and wet in the trenches, lack of fuel to cook their food, the men frequently eating their salt pork raw, want of hospital huts, fuel and soap, the men being filthy.

The following was buried at Malta in 1854:

  1. 2 June Pte Robert Jamison aged 25 years.

1855 77th (East Middlesex)

The 77th Regiment of Foot served in the Crimean War (1854–56)

1856 77th (East Middlesex)

The following were buried in Malta in 1856:

  1. 2 June Pte Daniel Mayhew aged 22 years.
  2. 8 Aug Pte James Elcock 77th Regiment.


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