Of the Malta Garrison
58th (Rutlandshire)

The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment

The 58th Regiment of Foot was raised at Plymouth in 1755, as the 60th Foot, on the outbreak of the first American war in 1758. In 1756, it was re-numbered 58th Foot when the 50th and 51st Regiments were disbanded. The regiment fought in the siege of Louisburg. In September 1759, the 58th participated in the Battle of Quebec under Major General James Wolfe. It was then sent to the West Indies and was at the capture of Martinique and Guadaloupe. soon afterwards the regiment returned to Ireland and in 1779 proceeded to Gibraltar.

In 1782 the regiment was given its county association with Rutlandshire to become The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot. On 26 December 1787, Lt A Wellesley, later to become Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, was commissioned a lieutenant of Grenadiers in the 58th Regiment. The 58th was in Egypt in 1801, at the Battle of Maida in 1806, and took part in the various battles on the Peninsular War. In 1815, were in Jamaica for five years.

On 1 July 1881, The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment merged with the 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot to form The Northamptonshire Regiment.

The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment

1801 1st/58th (Rutlandshire)

1 Nov 1801 Rank and File fit for Duty: 350, sick 50 men, strength officers and men: 572 men.

1805 1st/58th (Rutlandshire) ( Scotts Regiment)

1 July 1805 The 1st/58th Regiment arrived from England as part of Sir James Craig's expedition to secure Sicily.

1 July 1805 Regimental Strength:

Regimental Strength Malta 1 July 1805
(Offs & WOs)
(Offs & WOs)
NCOs Fit for Duty
(Offs and Men)
39 1 76 896 4 1015 1116
Returns of His Majesty's Forces Malta: 1st July 1805. 1st/58th (Scott's)

14 Aug Strength: 859 men of whom 37 were sick. On 13 August Sir James Craig said of the regiment:

The 58th is a body of men but little inferior to the 44th and in point of discipline and movement not greatly superior to them. They, however, laboured under the same disadvantage as the 39th with respect to the place in which they were seen which was on the same parade (Fort Manoel) after the other regiment. They certainly are backward in their discipline, but they appeared to me to be better grounded in the principles than the 44th and err more from want of practice than of knowledge. I have now changed their quarters and brought them into a situation where they have the convenience of a parade on which they are every morning.2

When it came to decide between the 81st or the 58th for inclusion in the expedition to Sicily, Craig:

hesitated for some time between the 58th and 81st. The latter was certainly in higher order, and in that respect more fit for service, but the 58th as a body of men, was much more likely to stand the service, and it was 100 men stronger. I therefore told them that if I saw that they exerted themselves to get into the order that is necessary, they should accompany us, but that if they did not succeed in it, I must at last turn to the 81st upon this footing it now stands, and to do them justice they seem to have every anxiety that they may not be left behind.2

3 Nov The 1st/58th Regiment left on Sir John Craig's Expedition to Naples.

The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment

1856 1st/58th (Rutlandshire)

30 May 1856 The 1st/58th sailed from Balaclava on the steamship Robert Lowe. It arrived at Malta on 10 June 1856. The men were placed under canvas at St George's Rifle Range. They were later transferred to barracks and huts at Fort Manoel where they suffered badly from Malta Fever.

1857 1st/58th (Rutlandshire)

1 Jan 1857 Severe gales destroyed the huts on the glacis of Fort Manoel so that the troops had to be moved to the Lazaretto.1