Of the Malta Garrison
57th (West Middlesex)

The 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment

The 57th Regiment of Foot was raised in 1755 as the 59th Foot. The following year it was renumbered 57th Foot when the 50th and 51st Regiments were disbanded.

In 1782 the regiment was given its county association with West Middlesex to become The 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment.

On 1 July 1881, the 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment amalgamated with the 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment (The Duke of Cambridge's Own) to form The Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment).

The 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment

1855 57th (West Middlesex)

Burials in 1855:

1856 57th (West Middlesex)

28 May 1856 The 57th Regiment embarked at the Crimea and arrived in Malta on 2 June 1856. It had 734 men.

Marriages in the Collegiate Church of St Paul's Valletta in 1856:

Burials in 1856:

1857 57th (West Middlesex)

1 Mar 1857 Strength 8 Coys Rank and File 774 (Effectives), 660 (Authorised Strength). Together with the eight companies of 1st/14th Foot, 1st/21st Foot, and the Royal Malta Fencibles, the 57th Foot formed part of 2nd Brigade. The men were at Verdala Barracks.

Ophthalmia, vesicular lids with slight inflammation (Fr Marston J. A., On Ophthalmia 1862.)

June 1857 In 1856–57, an epidemic of ophthalmia broke out in regiments stationed in Malta. The 14th Foot had 226 cases of ophthalmia out of a strength of 828 men. The 57th Foot had 198 cases, of which 30 were relapses. The troops went down with ophthalmia at Balaclava and Kimburn in 1855–56. Married soldiers were virtually not infected while women and children only had a mild form of conjunctivitis. Three married men who had been previously healthy became infected after sleeping in a tent in which were two men affected with ophthalmia.

18 Mar There was a riotous disturbances in Senglea, when the military piquets drew their bayonets upon the police constabulary. Pt James Evans 57th Regt was sentenced to 45 days custody for running a bayonet through the shirt of constable Antonio Busuttil.

Marriages in the Collegiate Church of St Paul's Valletta in 1857:

Baptisms in 1857:

Burials in the Civil and Military Cemetery Floriana in 1857:

A memorial erected by the Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Men of the West Middlesex Regiment formerly placed in the Civil and Military Cemetery Floriana read:

No 1782 Pte James Burgess Knight 5th Class of the Legion of Honour of France died October 1857 and Michael Sheridan died March 1856 and James Forsyth died August 1857 Grenadiers of the 57th West Middlesex Regiment. They served through the Campaign in the Crimea 1854–56 and were present at Inkerman, Balaclava and Sebastopol.

1858 57th (West Middlesex)

1 Jan 1858 Strength: Rank and File 570 (Effectives), 600 (Establishment with two coys in Aden). Together with the 1st/14th Foot and 21st Foot, the eight companies of 57th Foot formed part of 1st Brigade.

11 May 1858 The 57th (West Middlesex) embarked for Bombay following a tour of two years in Malta.

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Burials in Floriana Cemetery in 1858:

The 2nd/57th The Middlesex Regiment

1913 2nd/Middlesex

June – Nov 1913 The 2nd/Middlesex Regiment arrived from Warley, Essex.

1914 2nd/Middlesex

13 Sep 1914 On 13 Sep, HT Ships Gallicia, Nevasa and Galika arrived at Malta with the Territorial Brigade of the 1st City of London Royal Fusiliers.

15 Sep HT Ships Nevasa and Galika sailed from Malta with the 2nd/West Yorkshire Regiment and the 2nd/Middlesex Regiment.

Baptisms in 1914:

The 2nd/10th The Middlesex Regiment

1915 – 2nd/10th The Middlesex

Burials in the New Pietà Military Cemetery in 1915: