Of the Malta Garrison
47th (Lancashire)

The 47th (Lancashire) Regiment

The Loyal North Lancashire
The Royal Crest (Lion upon the crown), below the crown the Rose of Lancaster, and below the rose a scroll inscribed the Loyal Regiment (St Andrew's Barracks)

The 47th Foot was raised in 1741, as Colonel John Mordaunt's Regiment of Foot.

In 1751, it was numbered 47 in the army's order of precedence. It received its affiliation to Lancashire in 1782.

In 1881, the 47th (Lancashire) Regiment amalgamated with the 81st (Loyal Lincoln Volunteers) Regiment to become the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

In 1920, the regimental title changed to The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire).

The 1st/47th (Lancashire) Regiment

1837 1st/47th (Lancashire)

22 Feb 1837 A detachment of 219 men 1st/47th arrived from Gibraltar.

8 Mar Another 260 men arrived from Gibraltar.

9 June – 11 Oct A Cholera epidemic broke out in Malta. Between 17 June and 18 July 1837 the regiment had 65 ill soldiers with 16 deaths (1 officer, 9 males, 5 females, 1 child).

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1838 1st/47th (Lancashire)

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1839 1st/47th (Lancashire)

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1840 1st/47th (Lancashire)

28 Mar 1840 A detachment of 145 men 1st/47th (Lancashire) Regiment arrived from England on the transport Palmyra.

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1841 1st/47th (Lancashire)

11 Feb 606 men, 41 women and 88 children sailed for the West Indies to relieve the 74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot.1 Six companies of the 47th arrived in Barbados on 5 Apr 1841.

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The 1st/47th (Lancashire) Regiment

1853 1st/47th (Lancashire)

Fort Verdala
Fort Verdala Cospicua (Bormla) built in 1853 behind Verdala Curtain within the Firenzuola lines of fortifications.

2 Apr 1853 The 1st/47th (Lancashire) Regiment embarked at Corfu on 28 March 1853, disembarking at Malta on 2 April.

The 47th Foot moved from Isola Gate, St Francesco de Paolo and Inquisitor's Palace to the recently constructed Fort Verdala. It was the first infantry regiment to occupy Fort Verdala.

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1854 1st/47th (Lancashire)

Fort Verdala
Plan of Fort Verdala dated 22 April 1854 (TNA:MPH 1/912).

10 Apr 845 men and 6 women embarked on board the Apollo for Turkey.

Nov 1854 In November, the regiment had 29 officers and 945 men serving in the Crimea. Diarrhoea was common among the men and was blamed by the surgeon on the inclement weather, exposure to the cold, and hard duty. Cholera broke out among the recently arrived recruits; there were five deaths from cholera, two from gunshot wounds and two from diarrhoea.

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1855 1st/47th (Lancashire)

The 47th fought in the Crimean War (1854-56). It was present at Alma (1854) Inkerman (1854) and Sevastopol (1854-55).

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1856 1st/47th (Lancashire)

2 June 1856 The 1st/47th embarked in the Crimea on 27 May 1856, disembarking at Malta on 2 June.

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1857 1st/47th (Lancashire)

1 Mar 1857 Strength 8 Coys Rank and File 772 (Effectives), 660 (Authorised Strength). Together with the 8 Coys of the 28th Regiment and 71st Foot formed part of 1st Brigade.

25 May The 1st/47th embarked for Gibraltar. It left the Rock for Portsmouth on 18 August 1857.

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