Of the Malta Garrison
Hampshire Regiment

The Hampshire Regiment (37th/67th)

The Hampshire
The Royal Tiger was granted to the 67th for its service in India between 1805 to 1826.

The Hampshire Regiment was formed on 1 July 1881 through the merger of the 37th (North Hampshire) Regiment with the 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot.

The 37th became the 1st Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment. It fought at the Battle of Minden on 1 August 1759 and roses from Minden Heath were grown at its Regimental Depot at Winchester.

The 67th became the 2nd Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment. It distinguished itself in the China War of 1860 when it won no less than four Victoria Crosses. On 1 February 1827, the 67th was granted permission to bear on its Colours the Royal Tiger with the word India superscribed, to commemorate its service in India between 1805 and 1826.

The rose beneath the Royal Tiger is a double rose known as the Hampshire Rose. This was the red rose of Henry V which was conferred to the City of Winchester in 1415. The Hampshires became a Royal Regiment in 1946, and the prefix Royal appeared on the badge from April 1949.

In September 1992, the regiment amalgamated with the Queen's Regiment to form the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshires).

The 1st/Hampshire Regiment (37th)

1884 1st/Hampshire

37th North Hampshire
Battle Honours 37th Foot: Blenheim, Dettingen, Oudenarde, Minden, Malplaquet, Ramilies, Peninsula. (Main Guard Valletta)
W Baker
Sgt William Baker 1st/Hamp died 12 Dec 1884 aged 30 yrs (Pieta' Military Cemetery)

23 July 1884 The 1st/Hampshire Regiment embarked at Portsmouth from Gosport Barracks, and arrived in Malta on 2 August.

The regiment had an average strength of 412 men. It had 660 admissions into hospital with 6 deaths. 3 invalids returned to England.

Its average constantly sick was 29.64. The average sick time to each soldier was 26.33 days. The average duration of cases of sickness was 16.43 days.

The PMO, Surgeon-General James Sinclair, remarked that the 1st/Hampshire Regiment had a large number of admissions into hospital. The battalion arrived in August, when fevers prevailed in the island.

A soldier was admitted into hospital with multiple injuries following a fall into the fosse at Porta Reale.

1885 1st/Hampshire

W Ridler
Capt (QM) William Ridler born 17 Oct 1840 died 7 Apr 1885. He became an Hon Capt on 8 June 1882 (Ta' Braxia Cemetery Pieta).

The 1st/Hampshire Regiment had an average strength of 975 men.

It had 719 admissions into hospital with 9 deaths. 20 invalids returned to England.

Its average constantly sick was 39.45.

The average sick time to each soldier was 14.76 days. The average duration of cases of sickness was 20.32 days.

1886 1st/Hampshire

9 Jan 1886 The 1st Battalion embarked for Bombay, arriving there on 27 January.

Baptisms in 1886:

The 1st/Hampshire Regiment (37th)

Officer's Badge showing an eight–pointed star, on its centre is the Garter with motto surmounted by a crown displacing the uppermost point of the star. The Hampshire Rose lies within the Garter. On the lower point of the star is a scroll inscribed Hampshire (Main Guard Valletta)

1941 1st/Hampshire

21 Feb 1941 The Hampshire Regiment returned to Malta in 1941. It formed part of 1st Malta Bde (later 231 Infantry Brigade) of the 50th Northumbrian Division, with the 2nd/Devonshire Regiment, and the 1st/Dorsetshire Regiment.

30 Sep Strength 32 officers and 933 men.

1942 1st/Hampshire

3 Apr 1942 The battalion moved to Alexandria with 231 Infantry Bde in preparation for the invasion of Sicily (Op Husky).

J J Smith
5498447 Pte James Joseph Smith died on 8 May 1942 aged 24 yrs.
(Pieta Military Cemetery)

17 July 1942 Lt W. A. Mayne RAMC 39th General Hospital was attached to 1st/Hampshire regiment as its medical officer. On 17 July Mayne was posted from 15th Field Ambulance to 1st/Hampshire.

1943 1st/Hampshire

1 Mar 1943 118091 Capt I Joseph RAMC 15th Field Ambulance was attached as the RMO to 1st/Hampshire Regiment.

30 Mar The battalion embarked for Sicily (Op Husky) as part of 231 Infantry Brigade. For its role in Malta during the war, the Hampshire Regiment was granted the Battle Honour Malta 1941-42.

The 2nd Battalion Hampshire Regiment (67th)

1903 2nd/Hampshire

8 Sep 1903 The 2nd Battalion embarked at Southampton from Portsmouth on the Soudan. It arrived in Malta on 16 Sep 1903.

The regiment was quartered at Verdala Barracks Cottonera for the duration of their posting to Malta. A portion of the battalion occupied some of the smaller barracks in Cottonera Lines such as the Polverista and St Clement's Barracks.

Burials at Rinella Military Cemetery in 1903:

1904 2nd/Hampshire

1904 The regiment was located at Verdala Barracks Cottonera.

Baptisms in the Garrison Church in 1904:

Burials at Rinella Military Cemetery in 1904:

1905 2nd/Hampshire

verdala plan
TNA:MPH 1/912 Plan of Verdala Barracks Vittoriosa 22 Apr 1854

1905 The battalion occupied Verdala Barracks Cottonera with detachments at Polverista, St Clements and Zabbar Gate Barracks. Verdala Barracks consisted of 66 small casemate rooms, each accommodating 10 men. The rooms were arranged on two floors and in two rows. The rooms in Polverista were arched casemates each accommodating 14 men.

Burials at Rinella Military Cemetery in 1905:

2 Dec The 2nd Battalion embarked for Bermuda on the Soudan.

1906 2nd/Hampshire

2nd/Hampshire appears in the 31 January 1906 Returns for the Malta Garrison.

The 2nd Battalion Hampshire Regiment

1915 – 2nd/Hampshire

The 2nd Battalion Hampshire Regiment formed part of 88th Brigade 29th Division. On 25 April 1915, it landed from the collier River Clyde with the Munster Fusiliers on V Beach, under Sedd el Bahr Castle, to the east of Cape Helles on the tip of the Gallipoli Peninsula. The troops met heavy resistance from the Turkish 26th Regiment.

Burials in 1915:

The 1st/7th Battalion Hampshire Regiment

1917 — 1st/7th Hampshire

Baptisms at the Military Families Hospital Auberge d'Aragon in 1917:

The 8th Battalion Hampshire Regiment

The 1st/8th Battalion Hampshire Regiment landed at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli on 9 August 1915.

1915 – 1st/8th Hampshire

Chapman P E
2364 Rfn Philip Evershed Chapman 1st/8th aged 21 yrs died 4 Sep 1915 of wounds received at Suvla Bay on 26 August (Pieta Military Cemetery). (Note: CWGC records state died on 5 Sep)

Burials at Pietà Military Cemetery in 1915:

The 10th Battalion Hampshire Regiment

1915 – 10th Hampshire

Burials at Pietà Military Cemetery in 1915:

The 13th Battalion Hampshire Regiment

1915 – 13th Hampshire

Burials at Pietà Military Cemetery in 1915: