RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Cameron Wilmot
1877 –1944

Colonel Reginald Cameron Wilmot

MRCS (Eng 1902) LRCP (Lond 1902) OStJ (1934)

2 Aug 1877 [Shoreham Kent] – 24 Nov 1944

Colonel Reginald Cameron Wilmot L/RAMC took the MRCS England, and the LRCP London in 1902 and was commissioned as lieutenant in the RAMC on 31 January 1903.

During the Great War he commanded a Field Ambulance and served in France and Belgium. He was mentioned in despatches and received the British War Medal and Victory Medal. In 1919 he saw action in the Third Afghan War. In 1934 he became an Officer (Brother) of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.

Colonel Reginald Cameron Wilmot L/RAMC commanded British Military Hospital Mtarfa (Imtarfa) and later returned to Malta as DDMS Malta Command.

Service Record

Mtarfa Hospital
The foundation stone of Mtarfa Military Hospital was laid down on 6 Jan 1915 by General Sir Leslie Rundle Governor and Commander-in-Chief Malta. The hospital opened on 29 June 1920 with accommodation for six officers and 190 other ranks, but in 1927 had beds equipped for only six officers and 119 men.

31 Jan 1903 Appointed Lieutenant RAMC (on probation). Confirmed in rank on 4 Aug 1903.

1903 – 1904 Home Service.

1904 – 1905 Served in Madras, India.

Jan 1905 – Nov 1905 Home on sick leave.

Dec 1905 – 1909 On duty in Madras, India.

31 July 1906 Promoted Captain RAMC.

Apr 1907 Moved from Rangoon to Poona.

Nov 1907 Moved from Poona to Kirkee.

Mar 1909 – 1916 Home Service Irish Command.

Apr 1909 Moved from Kirkee to Dublin.

Oct 1910 Moved from Dublin to RAMC College Millbank.

1911 Qualified as a specialist in ophthalmology (Royal Army Medical College Course 1911).

July 1911 Moved from RAMC College to Portsmouth District.

Aug 1911 Moved from Portsmouth District to Colchester.

Dec 1911 Moved from Colchester to Warley.

Sept 1912 Moved from Colchester to Hythe.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

31 Oct 1914 Promoted Major RAMC.

9 Dec 1915 – 30 May 1917 Promoted Temp Lt Col while acting as Commanding Officer 140 Field Ambulance. Mentioned in despatches (4 Jan 1917). In July 1917, he relinquished his temporary rank of Lt Col on re-posting.

5 May 1916 – 31 May 1917 Served in France and Belgium.

1917 – 1921 Served in India. In 1919 saw action in the Third Afghan War (medal with clasp).

10 Apr 1922 Posted to Eastern Command. Specialist in Ophthalmology the Royal Herbert Hospital Woolwich.

1921 – 1928 Home Service.

18 Aug 1925 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1926 – 1928 Officer-in-Charge Medical Division Cambridge Military Hospital Aldershot.

1928 – 1934 Served in Malta.

6 Dec 1928 Arrived from England.

1929 Commanding Officer Military Hospital Mtarfa.

26 Mar 1930 On Home Leave. In his absence Major Benjamin Johnson temporarily took command of the Mtarfa Military Hospital.

20 July 1930 Returned from leave; resumed command of Mtarfa Military Hospital.

28 Aug 1930 Promoted Colonel L/RAMC with seniority 18 Aug 1929 vice Col Harold Hugh Norman who retired 5 Sept 1930.

15 Sep 1930 Following promotion to Colonel, took over the role of Deputy Director of Medical Services (DDMS) HQ Malta Command, from Col Charles Chevin Cumming who retired in September.

1931 DDMS HQ Malta Command.

Malta 29 July 1931 On Home Leave.

Malta 22 Sept 1931 Returned to Malta.

1932 Deputy Director of Medical Services (DDMS) HQ Malta Command.

20 July 1933 On Home Leave.

2 Nov 1933 Returned from leave.

14 Jan 1934 DDMS Malta Command. Was Vice President of the Malta Branch of the British Medical Association with Prof E H Ferro as President and Dr J E Debono as Honorary Secretary and Treasure.
Returned to England.

2 Aug 1934 Retired. In 1934, he was created an Officer (Brother) of the Order of St John.

1940 Rejoined the Service for a short period from 20 May to 24 July 1940.

2 Aug 1937 Ceased to remain on the Regular Army Reserve of Officers having attained the age limit of liability for recall.