RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Phineas Weiner
1900 –1978

38916 Major Phineas Weiner


11 Nov 1900 [Southsea] – 19 Oct 1978

P Weiner
Major Phineas Weiner RAMC 161 Field Ambulance. (AMS archives)

Major Phineas Weiner, known as Phillip, was the youngest son of Esther and Mark Weiner. He was educated at Chivers College, Portsmouth and qualified from King's College Hospital in October 1926. In 1919, he served with the 12th Battalion London Regiment Defence Force. He was commissioned Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1926.

In 1929, Dr Weiner moved to Suffolk to take an assistant ship in the practice on Felixstowe Road Ipswich, headed by Dr Cloudsley Smith. In 1948, with the arrival of the National Health Service, he started his own practice at 105 Hatfield Road, which grew to a partnership of four. He retired from General Practice in 1968.

Major Phineas Weiner was a Councillor for the St Clements Ward from 1937 and was re-elected in 1947. In 1948, he became Chairman of the Suffolk Mental Hospitals Management Committee of St Clements and St Audrey's Hospitals, but had to relinquish this post when he became Mayor of Ipswich and in 1956. He retired from the Ipswich Borough Council in 1967. He served as President of the Ipswich Car and Motorcycle Club, was President of the Ipswich Philatelic Society, and County Surgeon and Chairman of the Ipswich Centre St John's Ambulance.

Major Phineas Weiner was an accomplished pianist. He died on 18 October 1978 after a short illness aged 77 years.

Service Record

Map of Medical Units dated July 1942 by Sgt J A Critchley showing lines of evacuation (TNA:WO 222/383 DDMS Malta).

Mar 1926 Commissioned Temporary Lieutenant RAMC (T).

11 Mar 1926 Posted to Southern Command.

June 1928 Temporary Lieutenant P Weiner RAMC relinquished his commission.

16 May 1929 Married Beatrice May Dampier Child of Southsea.

July 1932 Promoted Lieutenant with seniority from 21 April 1930.

1 Sept 1939 Second in command 161st (East Anglian) Field Ambulance, a Territorial unit.

21 Jan 1940 Promoted Substantive Major RAMC.

16 Dec 1940 Embarked for Malta with 161 (EA) Fld Amb. The convoy stopped at Gibraltar and proceeded to Malta on 6 January 1941. On 10 January, it was attacked off Malta. No 7348929 Pte K A L Simper RAMC received severe head injuries (GSW), and died the same day. He was buried at sea. Part of the convoy carrying A (9 officers and 154 OR) Coy scattered during the attack and headed for Piraeus Greece where it arrived on 13 January. It was brought to Malta on the Cruiser HMAS Perth on 14 January 1941.

11 Jan 1941 161st (EA) Field Ambulance disembarked at Malta. The unit arrived during the blitz on HMS Illustrious and were soon subjected to heaving bombing.

17 Jan 1941 Officer-in-charge Advanced Dressing Station Zabbar. This was set up in a girls convent school and collected and treated casualties from Regimental Aid Posts (RAPs) situated at: Ricasoli (GR 494261), San Pietru (GR 510247), Fort Leonardo (GR 528237), Marsascala (GR 525228). They were evacuated to General Hospital Mtarfa.

1 July 1941 Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Wolridge Rose RAMC, commanding officer 161st (EA) Field Ambulance fell ill and was admitted to No 90 General Hospital. After six months at ADS Zabbar, Major P Weiner moved to MDS Hamrun, where HQ Coy had been established, and took over temporary command of the Field Ambulance.

Jan 1942 Admitted to Mtarfa Hospital with a duodenal ulcer.

16 Feb 1942 Struck off the strength of 161st Fld Ambulance and placed on the local sick list (Z List) having been in hospital for a period in excess of over 21 days. Was discharged from Hospital on 4 April as unfit for overseas service.

24 Apr 1942 Struck off the Z List and posted to 90 General Hospital while awaiting his passage to England. Placed in charge of the Isolation Block of the Military Families Hospital Mtarfa.

2 June 1942 Invalided by air to England via Gibraltar. Arrived in England on 30 June 1942.

6 July 1942 Officer Commanding Reception Station Berwick on Tweed.

27 Oct 1945 War Substantive Major T Weiner TD relinquished his commission on account of disability and was granted the honorary rank of Major.

July 1946 Appointed an Officer (Brother) to the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

23 May 1956 Assumed the Office of Mayor of Ipswich.

18 Oct 1978 Died on 18 October 1978 after a short illness, aged 77 years.