RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Thomas Gerard Anthony
Leo Warrington

75592 Colonel Thomas Gerard Anthony Leo Warrington

MD (Malta 1937) DTM&H (Eng 1955) MRC Path (1964)

3 June 1912 [Malta] – 10 March 1994 [Malta]

Colonel Thomas G A L Warrington L/RAMC qualified MD in 1937 from the Royal University of Malta. On 7 March 1938, he applied for a Short Service Commission in the RAMC. He entered the RAMC College Millbank on 1 May 1938 and joined the RAMC Depôt on 1 July 1938.

During the Second World War, he served in Malta at 90 General Hospital Mtarfa and with the Middle East Force. He undertook higher professional training as a pathologist, and returned to Malta in 1950 on posting to the David Bruce Military Hospital, as a Specialist in Pathology.

In 1959, in his capacity as the senior Pathologist in Singapore, he gave evidence in the trial of SSgt Lucien Hicks REME, aged 39 years, who was accused of murdering his German born wife Helga, aged 31 years in their home at Alexandra Avenue on 18 September 1959, and setting the house ablaze, which so badly charred the body that it became unrecognisable. SSgt Hicks of 40 Base Workshop REME based in Singapore helped to managed the cinema near his home during his spare time and was with his 11 year old son at the Theatre the night his wife died. Exhibits from the Hicks' case were flown to London to be examined by Britain's leading pathologist Dr Francis Camps.

Colonel Thomas Gerard Anthony Leo Warrington died in March 1944. He received the Africa Star, the Defence Medal and the General Service Medal with clasp Malaya.

Service Record

Mtarfa Military Hospital
Mtarfa Military Hospital. The foundation stone was laid on 6 January 1915 by General Sir Leslie Rundle Governor and Commander-in-Chief Malta. It opened in June 1920 with accommodation for six officers and 190 other ranks, but in 1927 had beds equipped for only six officers and 119 men.

1 May 1938 Lieutenant RAMC on probation; confirmed in rank in August 1938.

1938–1940 Served in Sierra Leone.

1 May 1939 Promoted Captain RAMC.

30 Sep 1940 Arrived from England. Attached to General Hospital Mtarfa as a General Duties Medical Officer (GDMO).

1941 GDMO 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

1942 GDMO 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

1943 GDMO No 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

1 May 1943 Granted a Permanent Regular Army Commission with the rank of Captain RAMC.

1944 GDMO 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

11 Oct 1944 Moved to RAMC Base Depôt MEF. Served with the Persia and Iraq Force until 1945.

19 Nov 1945 Returned to Malta from England. Posted on the strength of 90 General Hospital.

1 Dec 1945 Posted to No 30 Coy RAMC from 90 General Hospital as a General Duties Medical Officer.

1946 On duty at 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

27 Jan 1946 Granted 15 days leave.

15 Mar 1946 Took over the duties of SMO Malta Force.

8 Apr 1946–31 May 1946 Substantive Captain; granted the Acting rank of Major RAMC.

1 July 1946 Promoted War Substantive Major RAMC.

1947 Junior Specialist in Pathology 90 Military Hospital Mtarfa.

1947–1949 Pathologist with the Middle East Land Force. Served at Central Pathology Laboratories British Military Hospital Fayid and BMH Cyprus.

1950 Specialist in Pathology Military Hospital Mtarfa and BMH Tripoli.

1951 Specialist in Pathology David Bruce Military Hospital Mtarfa and BMH Tripoli.

1952 Specialist in Pathology David Bruce Military Hospital Mtarfa and BMH Tripoli.

1953 Specialist in Pathology David Bruce Military Hospital Mtarfa and BMH Tripoli.

14 Oct 1953 Granted the rank of Temporary Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

28 Dec 1953 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1953–1958 Assistant Director of Pathology Western Command.

1955 Senior Specialist in Pathology.

1958–1961 Assistant Director of Pathology Far East Land Force.

1961–1962 Assistant Director of Pathology Northern Command.

Dec 1960 Promoted Colonel L/RAMC.

1962–1963 Assistant Director of Pathology Southern Command.

1963 Assistant Director of Pathology British Army of the Rhine.

1969 Pathologist Leishman Laboratory Aldershot.

10 Mar 1994 Died at his residence in Balzan, Malta.