Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Unwin Thomas Barton

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Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Barton Unwin OBE (1919) MB (Ed 1899)
7 Mar 1874 – 5 July 1945 [Bournemouth Hants]

Service Record — Thomas Barton Unwin

28 May 1900 – 13 Nov 1900 Served as a Civil Surgeon Imperial Yeomanry.

14 Nov 1900 Appointed Lieutenant RAMC from the Imperial Yeomanry.

1900–1901 Served in South Africa (invalided). He took part in the action at Rhenoster Kop, action at Kheis, and operations in the Orange River Colony.

14 Nov 1903 Promoted Captain RAMC.

1903–1907 Served in Ceylon.

1911–1914 Served in West Africa.

14 Nov 1912 Major.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declared war on Germany.

1914–1915 Served with the British Expeditionary Force in France.

1915–1916 Served in East Africa.

1917–1919 Commanding Officer No 39 Staty Hospital France.

1921–1926 Served in India.

23 Feb 1923 Lieutenant Colonel.

Malta 22 Mar 1927 Arrived from England.
He was a man of few words, a great believer in brevity is the soul of the wit1.

Malta 1928 On duty at Malta.

Malta 8 Feb 1929 Left Malta for England.

7 Mar 1929 Retired.


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